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Quality Chain - Biola Company

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Essay Preview: Quality Chain - Biola Company

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Managing quality Ch.

Biola company pays great attention to the quality issues. As a distributor of medical and health care products to the Kazakhstan market, company tries to improve performance by creating value to the customers and satisfy their needs by providing high quality products. Control over the quality of products, that company provides, is very important to the health conditions of the customers, patients, also it is highly important for the success of the business and the overall image of the company. Biola company conducts quality assessments for suppliers of medicines and health care products, having quality certificates according to the Kazakhstan standards also is a must. Quality auditing technique is applied in the company. Samples of the products are tested according to the testing protocol. Samples of the products are testing for identity and specifications of the quality requirements of the company. Another point of improving quality in supply chain system is a use of special transport for delivery, because medical products require special conditions different from the commodity products. Quality assessments are also conducted to the potential vendors and suppliers in order to meet company's standards, also it will help to improve in the future in case of working with that suppliers.

Such concerning about the quality issues helps to maintain company's positive reputation in the market, which is very important in the current conditions of economic slowdown and tough competition.

One of the main costs of quality that Biola company faces today is Prevention cost, which stands for training programs for the employees and quality assessment programs. Biola uses the following scheme for the personnel training program: Development (training) and evaluation of staff (Quality Management System, Biola company).



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