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Questionnaire to Sales Representative

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Essay Preview: Questionnaire to Sales Representative

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I. Geopolitical Financial information for your Country

* Please give us in a few words a brief picture of the economic environment in your country. Make sure that you define the level of the basic salary, the rate of inflation, GDA and any potentially useful information you think we should know).

II. Characteristics of Cosmetic Industry

* What is the total volume of cosmetic sales in your country. (Preferably indicate wholesale prices)

♦ Product Categories

Considering that the industry consists of the following categories: Skin Care, Hair Care, Fragrances, Makeup, please specify:

* Please mention whether there is any differentation in your country.

* Specify what percentage of the market is held by each category of cosmetic products.

♦ Distribution Channels

The distribution channels are the following:

* Selective distribution - stores, supermarkets

* Wide distribution - super market

* Pharmacies

* Professional- institutes, hairdressing salons, SPA, doctors, dermatologists

* Door to Door

* Please mention whether there is any differentation in your country.

* Try to determine sales volume for each distribution channel. It is really important to define the percentage of the cosmetics industry that the professional cosmetics represent. (If you are not aware of the exact number, please mention at least an astimated percentage)

♦ Structure

* What share of the cosmetics market is domestic production and what is the share of imports.

* What market share is held by the wholesale network and what of the retail network?

♦ Legal Environment

We would also need some information concerning:

* the announcement and the legalization process of cosmetics circulation in your country.

* How the cosmetics industry and the import procedures are affected by the legal environment of your country.( existing duties, VAT)

♦ Competition

* What percentage of market share is held by the ten largest companies in the industry (CR10 = Total sales of the ten largest companies/ Total industry sales).

* There are cases where cosmetic companies follow different policy in a country



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