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Rabbit Boy

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Rabbit boy: This story is about a rabbit that finds a blood clot. The rabbit kicks it around it starts to make shapes. Soon it takes the form of a small boy. He takes him to he's wife to raise him. When he gets old enough the rabbit family sends him out to find his own people. When he finds his own people they take him in, a girl likes him the medicine man likes the girl and didn't want him to have here. So they tie him up and cut him into pieces. He is reformed and sent to the sun. The medicine man has his people cut him up, he dies.

My reaction: The medicine man felt so bad about what he had done he killed him self.

Corn Mother: This story is about how a family is formed. They lived happy, until they grow to big and ran out of food. The mother cried all the time. She wanted her husband to kill her; she gives her life so her people can live on forever.

My reaction: She is willing to give up her life to save her family for generations.

Arrow boy: This story is about a little magical boy. As he grows up his parents died. People treat him as a medicine man; people gave him a lot of respect. The Wolf was the chief he took over what the boy was doing, the boy was chased out of the village. In the four years he was goon he learned who he was, he returned and restored his tribe.

My reaction: I think that Arrow boy needed to find his own way. He didn't fit in until he found people he could learn from.

How men and women meet: Old man had made everything in the world. He placed men and women separate. He wished he hadn't placed them so far apart. He found the women had beautiful dressing and tepees. The women found the men were stronger and better hunters. Finally after four attempts they got together to create marriage and children.

My reaction: It feels a lot like dating in the world today.

Orphan boy and the Elk dog: This story is about a deaf orphan boy, his beautiful sister that cared for him was adopted. The tribe had made him an outcast and called him crazy. The tribe was leaving and told him to stay. The boy followed, on his way he regained his hearing. He came a crossed an old man, he took him in. He was still treated badly; he wanted to please his father that took him in. He went to find Elk dog and was successful. One day he returned to the mystical lake and found nothing.

My reaction: The boy trusted his father and was rewarded.

The vision Quest: This story is about a boy and his family after a vision quest. His family helped him train by feeding him well. When he was ready for his vision to medicine men brought him to his spot on the mountain. When they left the boy cried and bagged for a vision. His surrounding were not happy with him. Boulders



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