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Race and Culture Case

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Essay Preview: Race and Culture Case

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Our parents always expect the best out of us. If they do not get the best then we have disappointed them. Of course, parents just say that they want the best for us and that is fine. But sometimes what they think is best for us does not mean we think that's best for us. They have their own ideas of what is good enough and we have our own. Isn't part of being an adult making our own decisions regardless if they end in failure? Most the time, we just never have the courage to speak up and say any of this because that would be unacceptable. So what do we do? We just live with it.

Samia and Savitri. They both had to go through arranged marriages. Did either of them want it? It does not really matter considering the fact that they did not get to choose who to marry. Their parents chose for them, which is the whole point of an arranged marriage. It is part of their culture and they do not want to break tradition. Breaking tradition would not only upset the parents but would be looked down upon. Parents did this for a couple reasons. They wanted to ensure the bloodline is continued and not spoiled by someone unsuitable. They chose husbands with money so the women's role is to stay at home as mother and wife. The man always has the upper hand. The parents were only doing what was best for their children. Their children were not going to say anything so they just went along with it and smiled like everything was okay. Both Samia and Savitri tried their best to make their husbands happy by what was expected of them. They stayed at home, cooked dinner, and slept with them. They both had to live with the fact that there was no escape route. They were stuck with their husbands whether they liked it or not. To live with that realization says a lot about Samia and Savitri. They are strong women who will do this just to make their parents happy because it is their culture.

The difference between Samia and Savitri is not much. Although Samia's husband pretty much hand picked her, she was happy. She did not mind that he was older than her and that his hairs were already starting to gray. She was happy about it because her dad was proud that such a man like Abboud Bey would pick his daughter to want to marry. He was a wealthy man and Samia's father knew he would provide well for his little girl. Her mother kept telling Samia that she was a lucky girl that she should be happy because any girl would be happy to have Abboud Bey as a husband. All these thoughts made her to believe that she was actually happy with him. I think she tried so hard to ignore his flaws so she could only see the good in him. That is until; she saw how he reacted when Samia told him about the ring. Abboud Bey slapped the servant and Samia was shocked. From that point on, it opened her eyes to see what kind of man he really was. Now with Savitri, both her and Avinash didn't' want to get marry from the get go. Their first date together they



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