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Rashomon Analysis

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Essay Preview: Rashomon Analysis

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First of all,this was one of the most interesting movie that I have ever watched.The movie has a power of leading audiences to think on the plot and try to put questions into their mind which I like the most about this kind of movies.It was successful way to make the people discuss and express ideas.

According to the movie there are several facts that I think completely sure which are; the husband has died because the first man who saw a dead body was belonging to a man and in each story the husband has been killed.Moreover, the women has been raped by the bandit according to the story of the bandit, he claimed that he raped her because he wants to be with the woman that’s why all the things had happened.Next,according to the first man’s claim he saw the dead body in the forest also other stories made sure that it had happened in the forest.An another sure fact is he tricked the husband by telling him he will sell something cheaper than it’s own price.The last fact that completely sure ; the husband and the wife were travelling with the horse and women was in the white dress.On the other hand ,the movie has very complicated story chain so it is hard to make sure about who does the woman want to be with because in each story the husband is binded and has no priority to choose whether he can help or not,therefore;the woman (except her own story) she required him to be killed instead of live.

To my way of thinking, the story of the bandit is more reliable because only his story includes the whole incident that happened, he told the story from the beginning to the end.Which means from the scene he has first seen them,he was more specific while talking about the incident like he told that he liked the women and he was envy the husband that he can have her.Another reason why his story is more sound that he said in the court that “No matter what you will kill me so I will tell you the truth”. It shows that his claim anyhow will end with his death.



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