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Rational Choice Theory as a Deterrent to Crime

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Essay Preview: Rational Choice Theory as a Deterrent to Crime

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I would like to review papers/ essays that have been written on Hate crime against people living with HIV/ Aids to look over and add to my own thesis, and brain storm with as well.

I am in my final semester of a B. Criminology, that at the moment a part of my work is looking at the deviance and criminality of drink driving, which I would like to read up on as well, so as to understand more the criminological/ sociological theorists that have written on this area.

Additionally, I am looking at doing my Masters in Criminology again focusing on Hate Crimes and HIV/ AIDS and how it affects society, not only the gay community, again, considering theorists and idealists from the disciplines of sociology, psychology, politics and economics (the cross section of social sciences) as well as the theological and cultural aspect of this area.

Furthermore, I would like/ appreciate assistance with obtaining further reading material for my studies, in whatever form I do not mind.

Kind of a compass pointing me in the right direction so to speak; the more information and material that I am able to garnish, the more that I will be able to research and study this particular focus of my tertiary education.

Thus far, I have used the mass media approach; from documentaries and movies to books, encyclopedias and journals, to the pages and web sites of the internet. However, I feel as if I am at a sort of impasse with where my focus is at and any further academic assistance would be much appreciated, at your nearest convenience.

Thanks for your assistance with this issue.



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