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Rave Motion Pistures Strict Movie Goers Rules

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Essay Preview: Rave Motion Pistures Strict Movie Goers Rules

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The Rave Motion Pictures' Strict Movie Goers Rules

Have you ever been to the Rave Motion Pictures Theater? It is a great new theater in Brentwood, California that has all of the latest movies in all different formats such as 3-D, IMAX, and regular movies. There are about thirteen auditoriums which you can watch many of their selections of movies. Sadly, there is one major downside to the theater though, and that problem is that you have to be seventeen to buy your own rated R movie ticket, and you have to be at least twenty five to purchase more than one rated R ticket for minors. Over half of the people that go to the movies are minors from eleven-eighteen, and they generally like to go and try and go with just their friends, but they do not want to go see childish movies with their friends, they want to go see PG13 and R rated movies. Unless you are already seventeen, you cannot get into a rated R movie without an adult over twenty five. That causes so many problems for those minors that are friends with older kids and can buy their own tickets. Another problem that most people have is that high-schoolers are having a hard time looking for jobs. We all look forward to the day we turn sixteen so we can drive and get jobs, but at the Rave you have to be at least seventeen to work there.

I am a huge fan of the cinematic theaters, and I love to go see the latest movies with my friends and family, but not all movies are family appropriate, such as "Magic Mike", or "21 Jump Street". I had to go see those with my mother and stepfather because they wouldn't let my older stepsister, Becca, whom is twenty, buy my other stepsister, Emily, whom was sixteen, now seventeen, and I some movie tickets for "21 Jump Street" so we had to go with my stepfather. It's things like that that often anger parents because they have to go through so much just for their child to go see a good movie that often, the parents don't want to see.

With so many new movies in theaters, it is really hard to not want to go see the R rated movies, especially since that is all that comes out into theaters except a few of the children's films. I prefer to see more adult like movies instead of movies that would revert me back to a childish state, and I am pretty sure that is how most teenagers feel when going to the theaters, specifically because adolescents are around the age where they are getting jobs and are more likely to use their own money to pay for their tickets. The Rave is possibly the most popular theater in the area, but the prices on food and tickets are pretty pricey. Many just wait for the movie to come out on DVD a few months later to rent it on demand or from a RedBox kiosk at their local grocery stores.

With so many teens looking for jobs these days, it is hard to find a job that pays decent money. The Rave makes it really hard to get a



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