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Reconstruction Case

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Reconstruction was one of the most critical periods in American History. One of the main reasons for reconstruction was racial equality for the blacks.

The Civil War changed the nation a lot, by bringing an end to slavery. Reconstruction was a difficult time for the African American slaves from 1865 to 1877, because when the slaves were freed, there were no jobs for them, they had little or no education, and had limited opportunity in the south. Reconstruction was a period of great promise, hope, and progress for African Americans, and a period of resentment and resistance for many white southerners. ("History")

In 1865, four years of brutal deconstruction in the Civil War came to an end, 600,000 American soldiers lost their lives. Four million enslaved African Americans were emancipated. In the south; railroads, factories, farms, and cities were all destroyed. Abraham Lincoln was elected president during that time. Lincoln knew once the states confederacy was restored to the union, the Republicans would be weakened unless they put an end to being a sectional party. Lincoln hoped for peace and to attract people of the former south who supported the Republicans' economic policies during the Civil War. ("American History")

Lincoln wanted to heal the wounds of the nation. He wanted to look past the war, and toward peace. His main purpose of Reconstruction was restoring national unity. He wanted to do this by getting the states to come together. To be able to do this, Lincoln proposed the 10% Plan. This plan stated that once 10% of the registered voters in a state had renounced succession, then they could rewrite a state constitution, and submit it for reentrance into the Union. Lincoln said, if they come back now, the Union would respect all property, except slaves. ("American History")

Frederick Jackson Turner was one of the two most influential American historians of the early 20th century. Turner is best known for his 1893 Turner Thesis. The Turner thesis states that the American frontier helped create a solid American identity and gave birth to many of the democratic traditions that created the American political system as we know of it today. ("")

An economic revolution is a rapid change in the economic system of a society. The South developed a more balanced economy after Reconstruction by, the development of railroad systems and the freeing of blacks. (Jennifer, Saul, and Edward )

Railroads provided transportation and opportunities for trade. They transported cattle from the west, so farmers didn't have to move west, which affected Western migration. 
Trains carried natural resources from the west to eastern markets. Trains also brought miners, farmers, and ranchers to develop the land. (Jennifer, Saul, and Edward )

When the blacks were freed, it gave them opportunities and created a bigger and more complex work force. Families that



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