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Reflect and Lear

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Student name: Tang Man Hin

Student number: 52175645

Tutorials number: TC6

Degree major: Accountancy and Management Information Systems

Reflect and Learn

1. Tutorials

By attending tutorials, the tutor leads me how to analyze the questions and how to express the ideas fluently and concisely. It provides me intensive notes with concrete examples and discussion questions. Not only help me grasp the concept of some particular examples, but also motivate me to study economics (FB2400/CB2400).

In order to understand more, I would prepare the tutorials before class and after class. I would preview the particular part of the book before attending classes. After classes, I would do the ticks and learn questions and review the discussion questions.

In the remaining weeks of this semester, I would try to attend one more tutorial so that I can understand more and have much chance to ask questions which I don't know how to do.

2. mind maps/ concept

I would use mind maps to link the concepts of course materials including textbooks, course notes, real-world cases, etc for learning. This helps me revise the notes quickly. For example, I would list out all the concept I have learnt and then link together, just like the example in textbook p.292.

3. putting theory into practice

I would read more econ readings e.g. Finance Times, The Economists, SCMP to see whether I could apply econ concept to it. This can let me identify the economic concepts which are relevant to the real world economic case as well as understand more around the business world.

For example, there is an essay writing project in FB2400/CB2400. Although it counts zero mark, I would try to do it. The project is about minimum wage in Hong Kong and two discussion questions are given which ask us why workers and employers have different view for the minimum in Hong Kong. And I think it would consolidate my concept by doing this type of practical questions.

4. Exercise/problems

I would do all the exercise which are given by my lecturer and tutor. In addition, since I have not studied any economy before, so I would do some AL/CE level questions which cover the basic concept of economy. And I found that some of these questions are quite similar to the questions in "ticks and learn". So, I think it is quite appropriate to do these questions to help me understand the concept.

5. Peers



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