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Reflection Paper_animolabs.

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The seminar we attended was headed by Mr. Neelesh Bhatia. He explained how he evolved and became an entrepreneur now. He discussed profoundly how his life went, and how he met his passion and desires while he was trying to look for himself. What made me truly hooked with his story was on how his first dream was to be a musician. He stated how he spent years of his life becoming a musician, because he believed how following your dreams will always assure you happiness in the end. But in the end, he ended up quitting music and had a glimpse of maybe, he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Mr. Bhatia went through a lot before he became this successful. He told us how went to several job interviews and end up getting rejected. He never stopped until he actually got a job that he wanted, which was truly inspired me. During that time, I was feeling really down since I still do not have any company where I can have my internship. He became one of the reasons I strive harder to look for companies. Looking for internship is literally the start of me going through the adult life, I could not just hide, be sad and od nothing about it.

He also discussed to us how he ended up finally getting a job of his own - which was to be an entrepreneur. He admitted how it was one of the hardest jobs since it really takes you courage and a lot of confidence and strength in order to be successful. He went through hardships - example was how he almost got bankrupt, and discussed to us how he was able to overcome them. He was truly inspiring. He never gave up and always had his head up high even when things do not go the way he wanted them to be. He always told himself that this is part of the journey, and he should accept it since this experience will practice him to be a better person in the future. When he stated that, I knew I already know the reason why still kept on going and going even if he always had problems - he trusted himself that he could do anything else, and that was all he needed.

Lastly, he told us now he that he is mentoring people who are currently in the field of entrepreneurship or business. I loved how he decided to be a mentor so that he can share the experiences that he felt, and people can somehow pick some lessons through them. The session ended by him giving us tips, which truly helped a lot since we were all looking for a company to have our internship in. I can actually he’s considered one of my fave speakers since I can truly relate and get inspired by him.



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