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Relate the World to an Ice-Cream Cone

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Essay Preview: Relate the World to an Ice-Cream Cone

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An ice-cream cone does not lack in the joy it produces for many. One glimpse of the delicious treat causes one's mouth to water. As you should savor an ice-cream cone and the happiness it induces, one should also treasure the Earth and all of those on it.

An ice-cream cone may be hollow. I may be larger on one side than the other. One side may be more blessed with sprinkles. Like the Earth, no region on a scoop of ice-cream is similar to another. It all varies. While Africa was filled with a variety of natural resources in the early time periods, its sources dwindled as Great Britain prevailed and captured much of the land. This is similar to how a bully on the playground may steal that one ice-cream cone everybody wants on that hot summer day.

Ice-cream, ice-cream, we all scream for ice-cream. Everybody hopes for a portion of the dessert, while everybody also wants land on the planet. Land means power and it has since the creation of the feudal system. With serfs laboring on the fields, lords would oversee the action but promise their workers protection. Today, constant wars and strife takes place over who gets what portion of land. Like an ice-cream cone that is disproportionately larger and leaning towards one side, on region may have a profuse amount of natural resources, like the OPEC countries and their oil reserves, while others have been licked until the interior of the wafer cone is visible, like the gargantuan rain forests that have been wiped out.

Ice-cream is for sharing, just like humans can live in cooperation on the Earth. While wars seem as if they are constantly occurring, all individuals live on the same planet and must watch out for it. With natural resources dwindling, ice-cream is not an endless supply. Even the ice-cream man closes up shop as one digests the remaining pieces of cookie dough and cone.

Ice-cream and the Earth share many more shared features than their spherical shape. With thoughtful contemplation, one can decipher the similarities the two share.



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