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Banker Finds Sweeter Career: Making Ice Cream

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Essay Preview: Banker Finds Sweeter Career: Making Ice Cream

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The article "Banker finds sweeter career: Making ice cream" was published in on May 29, 2013. It was written by Josh Hyatt. The article is about a banker of The Birmingham, Michigan, Scott Moloney, who quit his 18 year career as a private lending officer in 2009 to start up an ice cream business. He left his job to chase his dreams. Moloney was dissatisfied with his tedious banking career. He says he found inspiration for a new career at a frozen-custard store where he often took his wife and two kids. He always thought everyone very looked cheerful and the store was always busy with customers when he went there unlike his banking job where he was the guy delivering the bad news to his clients.

Pursuing his dreams further, he attended an ice cream retailer's convention that learnt that frozen-custard machines could produce only three flavors at a time, he switched his focus to hard ice cream in November 2009. He quit banking in December and opened an ice cream on a busy street. In March 2010 he bought a six-quart ice cream maker, and five months later he opened Treat Dreams for business. He attracted more customers by offering unusual flavors like Sunday Breakfast with waffles, bacon, and maple syrup. He then added 500 unconventional varieties, including Lobster Bisque and Raspberry Chipotle Bacon. In 2012, he earned revenue of $340,000 and has expanded his business remarkably. He says he loves to see smile on his customer's face especially kids. Moloney did not like his profession as a banker in Comerica Bank.

Even though he draws himself a small salary he enjoys serving his customers and seeing people smile. He invested in the business by withdrawing his own saving account. In 2013, he anticipates to generate $500,000 revenue. An expanded kitchen will allow Moloney to add more wholesale accounts (he now has 13) and supply another store he plans to open. The van should add $100,000 in sales. In an interview when with CNNMoney, Moloney says: "This has worked out deliciously."(Hyatt, 2013)

The article is an inspirational story of Scott Moloney who quit his $90,000 salary banking job to open a small an ice-cream business. It is a great story of someone who had a successful career for over 15 years but called it quit to chase his dreams. In my opinion, Moloney had a better understanding of finance which helped him make sure he didn't make a lot of irrational blunder like other new usually entrepreneurs make.

There are many people who are dissatisfied with their jobs but still continue doing it due to different factors. Some people do not want to take the risk to chase their dreams and some people are just tied with too many obligations. There are those who want to quit their job and haven't yet, because they're scared or unsure. There are people who have quit, and yet find themselves wondering what they are doing. And those who wonder if anything is wrong with them because they don't particularly feel like quitting. This is a very motivational story for people who are afraid to do what they want to do because they are doing what is expected out of them.

Changing your life in such a dramatic way and following your heart is the kind of decision that provokes strong reaction on either side. We should learn to chase our dreams and actually do what makes us happy. We should do something positive to what you like and make other happy. We have to en-lighten up and have fun. Life is meant to be filled with humor and spontaneous moments. Chasing dreams is not always easy but it is going to be totally worth it. Dreams keep us motivated, working toward something. There is a satisfaction that comes from living out your dreams. There is a contentment that comes over you when you know that you're doing what you were meant to do at this very moment. This article is truly an inspirational story of someone chose to chase his dreams and made it happen taking one baby step at a time.

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