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Report Shooting Tvc Assistants Director

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On June 12, 2012, we have got an assignment to create an advertisement given by Mr. Esa Abdullah based group. After that, we discuss to appoint the committee members and began to give a name for our production. I have to be appointed as assistant director and we have chosen the name Extreme Production as a name for our production. Then, we talk about the idea of choosing a suitable product for commercialization. Some ideas presented. The idea presented is Touch and Go and PTPTN. After that, we divide the task to review the product based on the idea that has been presented.

The second meeting was held on June 19, 2012 in class En. Esa Abdullah for our group. We had a discussion for selecting main ideas to shoot our production. We've got the final say on select products touch and go as our products are commercialized. Ideas and commercialized our products are approved by En. Esa Abdullah. Then, we divide the task to find the talents, make a storyboard, locate and make a letter to borrow equipment, transportation and permission from the owner of the location. I was given the assignment to find 6 peoples to be talent and find a suitable location for conducting our shoots.

The next day, I called my friends who are familiar with parkour skills to serve our TVC talent for shooting. As requested by the director, I had to get 6 peoples to be a talent consists of my own friends.

On June 23, 2012, I was patrolling in and around Kuala Lumpur to find some suitable place for our shooting. I have also been monitoring the places recommended by my friends to be set. Then, I took the picture to show the other crews.

Storyboard presentation and progress that has been made by us in front of Mr. Esa Abdullah on July 3, 2012 in the class. Then, we talk to arrange a meeting with 6 people to be our talent and choose a location that I have proposed.

On July 8, 2012, I and other crews went to Setiawangsa to see our 6 talents to talk about the story and talk about parkour skills they would do. Then, we went to KLCC to ask for permission to do shoots around the KLCC area. Due to hard to get permission from the KLCC, we plan to change the location to KTM Kuala Lumpur.

July 15, 2012 is the day of our shooting. We came together at the first location in a park which Setiawangsa. Upon arrival at the first location, I and other crews were scrambling to manage the equipment you wish to use. Once our talents finish their breakfast, we started our TVC shooting. After we finished ours shooting at Setiawangsa, we all KTM to Kuala Lumpur to shoot at the second location. Before we go there, we had a lunch prepared by our production manager. Once we arrived there, we rested for a while because we want to see a production manager with KTM officer to get permission. Upon approval from the officers and security guards, we continue our shooting. Once done, we all pack



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