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Responsibility Case

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Sat 7, 2012

Corrie Hill

Personal Responsibility Rough Draft.

( I put my discovery wheel in the wrong place, sorry about that)

Personal responsibility means that I am accepting my individual duties and the outcome of my actions. I should think before I act. Think of how it can affect me or the person around me. What I mean is with every action there is a reaction. With every reaction there are outcomes and consequences. Hopefully they are positive, but in life we do make bad decisions and mistakes. No matter the outcome with personal responsibility we should always own up to them accepting them and face it head on. Sometimes we may not like the penalty or reward but we embrace them. I also believe that personal responsibility involves are jobs, school, family and social life. We are making decisions that affect our lives as well as others surrounding us. We may not even know the person but this still is true. For example, let's say that you are at the grocery store( a very public place) and you are in the checkout line waiting like everyone else. It is our personal responsibility to wait our turn respectfully given that we are there for the same reason and no one person is lesser or greater that the next. A decision could be made to act rudely or act patiently. There could be a person behind you that has three items and you want to let him take your spot. There are even different outcomes with this situation. The person may accept your offer or he may not and still want to wait his turn. The person behind him could have a problem with the guy going ahead. Either way the whole line is effected by their decisions in personal actions. We will never know the response whether positive or negative until the person reacts.

My way of explaining the relationship between personal responsibility and college success is well repetitive to what I wrote earlier. In life we all have individual obligations in school and school is a part of growth in life. When and if we decide to attend a higher learning facility we have a personal responsibility to uphold the schools rules and assigned duties in class. It is up to us to come up with time and put forth an effort. By signing the proper paper work it is like an implied contract of saying I will do whatever it takes to graduate. Taking on the personal responsibility we will achieve educated success.

To include a preliminary plan I would have to make out a sort of list. It would be like an a daily agenda or a weekly list of goals. It would include what I would need to accomplish in class, what time limit I have to do so and a schedule



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