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Reverend Hales Journal - the Crucible

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Essay Preview: Reverend Hales Journal - the Crucible

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I write this in a state of despair. It were last evening when I went to see Proctor before some further travelling I had yet to do that night. I come on my own, without the courts authority to make him aware of his wife's name mentioned in the court. I am a stranger here- in Salem, and in my ignorance, I find it hard to draw a clear opinion of them that come accused before the court. I go to see Proctor with my only intention to gain the truth. I thought to put some questions as to the Christian characters of his house, as I am aware he rarely attends church on Sabbath Day. To my disbelief, Proctor had forgotten one of the Ten Commandments so highly regarded in his state of society, adultery. I come to this town to do only my good deed for these people and if I were not mistaken, Salem has gone into hysterics! The nature of the community may be based around theology all mighty and sacred to ones home, but the true nature of these people goes against all of the Ten Commandments.

The distress is unbearable and I will not take any part of the unjust court. The first commandment states:

Thou shalt not kill

The witch trials provide hysteria through the accusations of young girls, with no evidence to support their claims. Danforth the supposedly minister of the church has folks brought before him and if the girls scream and howl before his eyes they are clapped in jail for bewitching them. His authoritative power has already taken the lives of four innocent women. If the court cannot obey the rules of the bible so significant in their lives endeavours, how do they expect others to adhere to the same set principles? A community based on pious beliefs is surrounded by individuals trying to blacken the names of innocent women. The girls are pulling heaven down and raising up a whore, creating mass destructions in society with women being hung as a result of misleading accusations. To eradicate lives with no evidence of dealing with Satan is outrageous! Breaking the first commandment which they are taught every Sabbath Day, with no realisation of it. In these times, we see people for who they really.

Thou shalt not steal; thou shalt not covet thy neighbours goods, nor make into thee any graven image

Thomas Putnam

Thou shalt remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy

In the book of record that Mr Parris keeps I keep note that John Proctor is rarely in church on Sabbath Day. Another commandment broken, yet someone who has no realisation of doing so, even when being able to recall the commandment to myself in ones own home. Although being fond of Proctor I am in doubt of his beliefs. Claiming his wife was ill and Mr Parris being a man undesired by him does not give him any authority as to breaking the commandment- learnt where he



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