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Review of Movie “flag of Our Fathers”

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Essay Preview: Review of Movie “flag of Our Fathers”

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Review of movie “FLAG OF OUR FATHERS”

As we all know, the WWII was consider to be the biggest battle in human history. It was a catastrophic war that began in 1939 and ended in 1945 between the Allies and the Fascists. The WWII happened on two main frontiers, the European Frontier and Pacific Ocean. In February 1945, the Allies won the wars on the European Frontier while the war on the Pacific continued. One of the most brutal and bloody battles was the battle over Iwo Jima. Five marines and a military surgeon were sent up to the highest hill, the Suribachi peak, to raise the winning flag. Six American men at the foot of the flagpole immediately became heroes. But behind the flashy scene is a story full of humanity and also very grim. The movie “Flag of our fathers” tried their hardest to recreate this historical event.

Flags of our fathers, with the voice-overs of the survivors, tell the story behind the famous photograph of the flag being raised over Iwo Jima Island in World War II. There were interlocking scenes from past and present throughout the movie showing how the battle got underway, that its intensity could be too scared to be imagined. The movie has caused a stir of public cinema when the film premiered in North America on October 20, 2006. The cast is very young, who is seen as a promising new face to replace superstars Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt such as Ryan Phillippe, Jesse Bradford, Adam Beach, Jamie Bell, …, etc.

The movie opens with the introducing of the main themes. After a prelude on the sea, American troops landed easily without any Japanese fire. But the silent did not take long till they were ambushed by concealed enemy positions. On that first day, almost all of American died. The Japanese tactic was fearfully effective as the Marines could not foresee. One Marine was thunders trucked: “How did they dig these things?” after seeing the link by tunnel in the solid rock from their positions. This is the only battle in the Pacific that the amount of American soldiers died was larger than that of the enemy since the USA entered WWII. The Marines suffered one-third of all their WWII combat deaths, and almost all the 22000 entrenched Japanese died, some by their own hands.

But the dire battlefield was not the core argument. The movie particularly focused on the six American soldiers in the movie highlighted the truth that they were not only fighting for their flag or their country but also for their comrades. The movie is strong touching as recording the aftermath in the lives of survivors. The three survivors have different behaviors: the first person is overwhelmed by the hero's halo; the second man escapes the pain and the obsession of war in the endless drunks, the last one against all that evokes war. But anyway, they do not want to be praised as heroes and do not regard themselves as heroes. For them, the teammates who have permanently laid down



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