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Review of “the Angels Share”

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Essay Preview: Review of “the Angels Share”

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Review of 

“The Angels Share”

By Patrick

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The Angels Share is a comedy about wasted talent and about what happens when we are giving chance in life. It is about a group of young criminals who have to do community service. The supervisor named Harry takes the group to a whisky distillery. On the distillery gets to hear about the angles share, which is the whiskey lost to evaporation each year.

Where one of the young lads named Robbie, gets interested and he finds a hidden talent for scotch whiskey. It would be hard to see Robbie as a man worthy of a second chance. He is constantly watching out for a gang of thugs looking to settle a family feud with, his girlfriend is giving birth to a baby boy while her father offers him money to renounce his fatherhood and to leave Glasgow, and he is serving 300 hours of community service. However, after Robbie have meet Harry, the gruff but benevolent man in charge of his sentence, the young lad sees he have to change his life. After the group be on whiskey tasting, takes the group on a trip to the highlands on a quest after an expensive whisky from an old distillery place.      

The movie is play by a group of amateur actors, if you did not know they amateur actors, wouldn't you be able to see it in the movie.  Who use the speech of the youth in Scotland, whit a lot of swear and slang. It is a hilarious story about second chances.

I give it 3,5 stars out of 5.




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