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Revision Case

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This story says that people are afraid to help each other even if one needs it. The one man in this story who was afraid to help the white lady and her child is because he thought that the white lady would be prejudice. This story also says that people want to help others who need it, but do not know how to approach them. In this story the Puerto Rican man wanted to help the white lady but was afraid to help her and he did not know how to approach the lady to help her.

This story reminds me of the time I was reading about black history. In the history book there were black people who wanted to help white people when they were introuble. The thing is, is that they were afraid to help them because they didn't know what to expect from them. The white people could've appreciated the help or get them arrested or introuble, so the blackperson decided against it. This was just like in the story when the black Puerto Rican man decided against helping the white lady.

This story also reminds me of when I read Harry potter. In the book the wizards aren't supposed to help the muggles wen they need help. They are not allowed to do this because they can get in a lot of trouble from helping the muggles out so they refrain from doing it. This was what the Puerto Rican Black many was thinking. She did not want to face the consequences it he did in fact help the white lady.



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