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Rfid Applications Toward Mobile Business

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Essay Preview: Rfid Applications Toward Mobile Business

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Restaurants are one of our favourite premises. With no regard to the actual reasons for visiting restaurants, customer will make orders and wait for the ordered meals. However, it is common if customers complain for not feeling satisfied about the services offered. There are many reasons leading to the feeling of dissatisfaction including being entertained late in terms of order taking by the waiter and meals serving. Traditional restaurants only provide passive service where waiter can only deal with customer's order by asking customer's need and then waits for answer. However, a high quality service system should be customer-centered. The issue of being late entertained could be solved with help of the advancement in the technologies of communication. "Wifi in'd' House Smart Ordering System via Passive RFID" will give a good solution for this problem and will make life easier, we don't need to queue up or wait for the ordered meals, whereas can just order our food and customers can use the RFID-based membership card to pay the bill instead of using cash. This system will be convenient for those who are very busy with their daily routine especially at working and studying place. Most students would prefer to do their assignments in fast food restaurant because they can get together in a place with free internet access and may be a local business wishing to hold a breakfast or lunch meeting away from the office or lone travellers wishing to dine during the evening. This system can be used by multiple users who have a wireless enabled device such as laptop, PDA or WiFi enabled mobile. By introducing "Wifi in'd' House Smart Ordering System via Passive RFID", it is very beneficial for an essential meeting point for companies and students to stay connected in order to remain productive and also time consuming. Thus the restaurant operator will discover that this system is effectiveness in resource management. It allows a smaller number of waiters to cover more tables where the waiters can fully concentrate on the order taking function in the system and move from table-to-table. There could some challenges take place to create this system such as algorithm, programming language and analyze the domain area.



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