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Mobile Application

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Since the evolution of the Internet there was a major boom in the dot com market. It was all about desktop and laptop computers. This phase was during the 90's and early 2000. Now there is completely different platform which people are introduced to in late 2000 is Mobile Platform, which consists of Mobile Devices and Tablets computer.

This new platform which people have been introduced is growing at really faster rate than what used to be with the growth of PC computers. I would like to present my course project by researching on various transformation of mobile products and how people have been using it on a daily basis on the go anywhere and anytime. This is really magical and drastic change of transformation. Since the introduction of iPhone in the year 2007 by late visionary Steve Jobs from Apple, this platform has been loved and liked by almost any people in this world. We have various platforms like Android, Windows and Blackberry, which also have some amount of the share in this Mobile Space.

Mobile platform has various advantage as well as disadvantage with both being convenient, higher price tag and security issues. There is a new world of payment system introduced with this platform called the mobile commerce. Where people can purchase anything on the go. They don't have to be present in front of a desktop or laptop to purchase any thing all the transaction can be performed in smart phones or tablets.

Various Mobile Platforms and Operating Systems

Apple and Google are the dominant players in the mobile space currently. Google's Android operating system has a higher market share then the Apple IOS operating system. As per the comparison between the year 2011 and 2012 market share for Google has almost doubled and has reached to about 65% of the market share all over the world. Apple market share has been stable around 30%. Others mobile platform like Microsoft windows 8 has also been gaining some market shares while Blackberry OS and webOS have been losing its market share.

Apple has the most advance operating system for mobile devices which has Simplicity, profound and user-friendly designs. This OS has been liked by many people all over the world. Apple is always known for its better designs that are the reason they developed new IOS7 and released it to its customers this year. They had a really wide success where in just a single week around 230 million devices were activated with this new operating system which is really a huge number. IOS has various features that are better than other platform like its web surfing browser Safari is one of the most advance web browser. As per the data captured by various companies data generated from web safari is one of the most where people are using it through iPhone, iPad and iPods.

Google operating system has also been gaining a fair amount of market share. Since Google's Android



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