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Richard Case

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1. What do Richard's experiences indicate about the process of career management?

It indicates that any changes in the career plan needs a lot of effort so that we don't get in a situation where we don't want to be in the future. An individual needs to be patient enough to plan his career life in order to success. He didn't think critically about changing the career but he just followed his goals and tried to achieve them as soon as possible. Moreover, he was supposed to research and study the strength of the desired company in the competing market from the beginning, and look how good the company is operating as well as the company's vision until when where they want to be, this will help a lot to take the right career decision.

2. What environmental factors affected Richard's career?

Richard was looking for a better profile company in order to fulfill his needs and future goal. One of the main factors that affected Richard's career is the job title. He was dreaming of a really big position as well as job title in order to get enough money to reach his target. In addition, his age played a big role and it was the reason which caused all the problems. Looking for more responsibilities is a good thing to develop and improve him, but he should have been thought about the company's profile before taking that decision.

3. When Richard decided to leave his first employer, what career trade-off did he make?

He was enjoying a very good and secured job at his first employer. According to the job stability, he was pretty sure that this company is safe and it's working properly. In order to get that new higher position in the second company, he made some trade-offs. The biggest trade-off was leaving his secured job and then the benefits, job stability and promotions.

4. Do you believe that Richard has done a good job of managing his career? Why or why not?

Well, I disagree with Richard's career management, because he didn't follow the right way of the career management process. He wasn't aware of the career exploration. He just tried to run after his goals and obtaining a good job title as well as earn a lot of money. He couldn't match his objectives with his subjectives, that's why everything went wrong.

5. If Richard asked you for advice about the future management of his career, what would you say to him?

I would advise him to follow the process of career management carefully on order to have a better career plan in the future without any consequences. Career exploration is so important in career management because it will give him enough information about himself as well as information about the work environment. He would know what he enjoys, what he is good at, what type of



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