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Road to Hell” by Gareth Evans

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Essay Preview: Road to Hell” by Gareth Evans

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Summary Road to Hell

The case “Road to Hell” by Gareth Evans story of two characters and have differences in background, personality and outlook. John Baker is an English expatriate and the chief engineer were successful in the western Caribbean Bauxite Company of Barracania. Baker felt he had the advantage of working in a foreign country with the help of experience in understanding the psychology of regional staff. Baker has worked hard to provide Matthew Rennalls, on the other hand, Matthew is a young engineer who represents the new generation of patriotic and educated. After completing his studies at the University of London, he is very sensitive political issue, racism. The last meeting between these two characters and end with disaster and caused a negative impact. Instead of accepting the post office as a chief engineer, Matthew decided to resign because he felt insulted after interviewing and advice from John Baker. This incident not only puts Baker puzzled about what he might have said wrong but also puts the future of the company’s relations with its regional staff and authorities in jeopardy.

Problem statement

  1. How to get back rannells to the company

Based on this case study the main problem is how to get back Rannells to the company. This is because after the interview session between Baker and Rannells, Rannells decided to resign from the company as he fell insult because of Baker emphasized several times the importance and leading position of European staff in the company” it will be necessary for you to get on well with expatriates because until the company has trained sufficient people of your calibre, European are bound to occupy senior positions here in Barracania”. They evaluate and measure each other by their own scales and perceptions, which often lead to serious conflicts. Unintentional and unconscious motivations for behaviour are as powerful as intentional and conscious behaviour. Based on case study Rannells is the best choice to replace Baker’s position in company based on interview sessions and the company need worker can replace Baker that transfer job soon. In this case, both of them are racists. This because Rennalls just greeting with Barracanian and does not want to join group of European and Baker touch this point with Rennalls to make a change. This is because in company, worker need to communicate each other to ease their job or want to tell information about company. For Baker, Baker even give historical example like he put European culture on pedestal of 300 years of development and left Barracania at the bottom of the human history. In this case, Baker only touch and proud of European what European already achieved in this field. Make a comparison will affect motivation of worker either negative or positive motivation to them. Furthermore, different culture between Rennalls and Baker are one of the reason why Rennalls give resignation letter to Baker. This is because every race have different culture of them. For the example, the culture of European is rooted in the art, architecture, music, literature and philosophy that originated from the European cultural region. European culture is largely rooted in what us often referred to as its “common cultural heritage”. Barracania is a very emotional nation while European is neutral. This is explains why Rennalls feels a greater need to express his displease with Jackson’s and Godson’s attitudes than the English expatriates. It is also why they consider him to be quite rude to them.

  1. Misunderstanding

Misunderstanding between Rennalls and Baker that can be show when interview sessions. This is because when Baker was asking Rennalls before misunderstanding between them happened. Baker asked Rennalls to get information or want to know the answer of Rennalls but Baker asked in the wrong way. Based on this case there are some mistake in communication. Based on information we can consider Barracanians as high context communicators as opposed to the European who are low context communicators. This explains why Rennalls misinterprets Baker’s purpose. In Rennalls’s native style of communication, Rennalls needs to use the context of the communication to find true meaning behind what he is told. Besides, Baker’s word are exactly what he intends to say. Since there is no hidden meaning to his words Rennalls’ search to find it is bound to create a misunderstanding like the one in the present case study. Furthermore, there ara differents communication style divergence between European and Barracanians. First, European more direct style than Barracanians they use indirect style. Next, European more using exacting word and toward too personal than Barracanians the usually elaborate the sentences and contextual. There are some racialism, even though Baker knew Rennalls background. This is because Baker He make an effort to teach Rennalls to better cooperate with this leadership, Baker even give historical example like he put European culture on pedestal of 300 years of development and left Barracania at the bottom of the human history. In this case Baker like a racist, even though he would be stunned by this conclusion. In this case we can analyses the importance of understanding the people around you. Baker’s intentions toward Rennalls were not based on a bad premonition. His lack of understanding the behavioral characteristics of his co-worker was his major downfall. Business ethic must hold sacred is the ethic of not offending our co-workers. John Baker forgot this ethic and that is why he was not successful in admonishing his co-worker. Based on this case study, Rennalls need to be open-minded person and adapt the environment. It can reduce the misunderstanding between them or between other workers. This is because, Rennalls need to accept the question that been asking to him without any prejudice. Besides, Rennalls need to adapt new environment working. This is because every work have different environment such as time, worker, culture and other than that. It will effect, Rennalls can greeting or join other group in office.

  1. Motivation of worker

Motivation is the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in particular way. Based on this case study there are sentences that motivated Rennalls such as “again, Matt, let me congratulate you”, “once again on having so successfully overcome this particular hurdle. It is for this very reason that I think the outlook for Barrcania”. That sentences Baker compliments Rennalls by putting him above his pears to boost his esteem in the hope that we will open up to him. Motivation by boost of esteem is being consideration as a job-content factors, this would probably have worked in the Anglo-cluster and most parts of European, but high level communitarians in carrabian countries modifies the ethnocentric Hierarchy of Needs Theory thought of by Maslow. Using the wrong sentences will affect the motivation of worker such as the sentences that been used Baker make Rennalls moral down. “you will shortly be sitting in this chair doing the job I am now doing, but I on the other hand, am 10 years older, so perhaps you can accept the idea that I may be able to give you the benefit of my longer experience,”. The correct sentences that should Baker said “I hope you know that the man sitting in this chair is in power to have great influence on this nation, I am glad to know that from now on, it is Barracanian that will be at the head of this firm. Your country will be better off with you sitting in this chair than it was with myself”. Basically, Baker should have emphasized on the benefits implied by Rennalls’ promotion for the entire nation rather than his own. Using polite word or sentences can motivate worker to be better. But using the wrong sentences affect them more too negative performance. Based on this case, Rennalls send the resignation letter because of the word that he already heard. He feels down and ashamed with that and the resignation letter wrote because of the words. Harsh word is bad behavior does not good and should not apply in work because it will affect his career in future.



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