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Road to Hell

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Description. Baker who is a chief engineer of the Caribbean Bauxite Company of Barracania (CBCoF) in the West Indies was promoted to production manager of Keso Mining Corporation near Winnipeg. Rennalls, an Assistant Engineer of the CBCoF is about to be promoted as the chief engineer replacing Baker. Baker, before leaving, wanted to have an interview with Rennalls to assure him his position and his step forwards to being like Baker. In the process, Baker was not pleased at the answers Rennalls was conveying. Baker thinks Rennalls is prejudice towards Europeans. When the conversation was over and the next day came by, Rennalls provided an resignation letter to the company addressing the issue that was conveyed to Rennalls during the interview.

Diagnosis. Rennalls was soon to be the successor of Mr. Baker, but have resigned the following day inscribing in the letter that Mr. Baker have implicitly insulted his 'people' by claiming that Rennalls' knowledge of modern living is only a paltry 50 years old whereas Baker's background of European descendants goes back 200 or 300 years. Why? Baker's assumptions by his co-workers have made Baker's egocentric personality hard press to want Rennalls' answer matches his.

Theory. If we revisit the book "Organizational Behavior" book Chapter 2 on page 128, examines and explains Baker's high self-esteem. We can tell that Mr. Baker has high self-esteem in the back that he does not back down on wanting to find his own answers instead of listening to what Rennalls was saying. The book describes the converse side of self-esteem tended to become egotistical when faced with pressure situations. (Luthans, 2011) Indeed, this situation comes with a lot of pressure in succession. Mr. Baker's sense of perception leaned towards his assumption that Rennalls is in favor of his 'own kind' rather than being equal to all co-workers. We can define perception as a complicated interaction of selection, organization, and interpretation. (Luthans, 2011)

Rennalls may indeed react too quickly instead of talking it over with Mr. Bakers. Throughout the interview leading to the following day of resignation, Rennalls displayed the complexity of what perception can give to us; the process of confrontation, registration, interpretation, feedback, behavior, and consequence. (Luthans, 2011) We find that the book, Organizational Behavior, that interpretation is the most significant cognitive aspects of perception. What Rennalls interpreted out of Mr. Baker's conversations may have been to the extreme.

Prescription. To solve this problem short-termed, Rennalls may want to contact Mr. Baker after the interview if he has any questions. What Rennalls interpreted may not be Mr. Baker's intention and Rennalls' silence during the interview maybe interpreted differently to Mr. Bakers. Mr. Baker, as a manager's responsibility,



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