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Robert Frost Case

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Essay Preview: Robert Frost Case

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To me this poem means that he is having an average quiet evening or morning. Robert would care for some alone & quiet time. He is trying to say even though outside is very loud, colorful & very amusing, He would rather be in his house with the windows closed and that he would care that nobody to bother him .

How this poem matters to me is because it was suprisingly my mothers favorite poet. I asked her advice on who to write about ans she suggested Robert Frost. She read poem to her students in class & i listened, i was very interested in his work . So that is when my journey began on Mr. Frost. I have read many poems by him . His work is so inspirational, he makes you feel as if you are feeling what he is feeling . If he says he is cold in a poem he describes it so well you can feel what he does, that is why his work and this poem matters to me .

The main poetic tool used in his poem "Now close the windows" is imagery. Robert Frost made you feel as if you can see all the feilds come to a stop , a tree's leaves stop moving and become silent, and a bird tweeting stop and come to the window. He made the poem easy to understand by what he ment when he wanted silence.



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