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Rockafeller Case

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In essence to the response of this question tying in how Standard Oil had changed society with references to the levels and spheres of corporate power discusses in the chapter, I would say that the power of economic, cultural and political of the Standard Oil has led to the big changes to the society. Based on the text book mentioned that "Rockefeller's company was capitalized at 70$ million and produced 90 percent of the nation's refining output." This has shown how strong the economic power of Standard Oil is. The Standard Oil Company built the facilities, employ workers.

At a deeper level it can make fuels lead to the growth of auto industry. Aside from this fact as well it can boost up the American economy. Standard Oil's economic power was not exercised in keeping with the social contract of Rockefeller's era. From the text it's very obvious that Rockefeller against the social contract, this can be shown when Rockefeller was practicing "power beyond right" .In additional he used those unethical method to eliminate his competitor from the oil industry.

For an example "He made them 'sweat' and 'feel sick' until they sold." This statement has clearly shows how in respect Rockefeller used aggressive ways to fight with the competitor for his own interest. JD I feel enacted these actions to keep on the upward slope in remaining above his competition in secretive ways without them knowing. This was a smart business decision to keep concealed all his assets so as the competition would not know what he was fully capable of in maintaining his stance in the monopoly business while at the same time changing the way society was changed due to the presence of Standard Oil.

2. From the case, Standard Oil had exceeded the limits of business power. Business power can be defined as the force behind an act by a company, industry, or sector. Rockefeller used his business power to eliminate his competitors and also prevent his competitors from getting the oil barrels in the market so that he can control the oil industry. Business power is used for convert resources efficiently to meet the need of goods given by the society to the company, but Rockefeller was using it in the wrong ways.

Dominance theory is the best theory that can be applied on Standard Oil Company in this chapter. Standard Oil Company was more emphasizes on the growth of their asset rather than the welfare of the society. According to the dominance theory, business abuses the power its size and wealth confer. Rockefeller monopolized most of the oil businesses in the U.S. From the way how Rockefeller monopolized the oil industry, reduces the competition and then harms his competitors is the best way to describe the dominance theory.

The pluralist theory would in my opinion not be as applicable to this business example due to this simple reason it's on the other side of the spectrum where here, this theory focuses on multiple businesses that have power diffused through them. The Standard oil company is a classic example that is looked at a monopoly that focuses on the one and only company itself in being the top company and focusing on total wealth and having overriding power in and of itself. This is how the dominance theory best illustrated Standard Oil and how the company illustrated and utilized the limits of power.

3. Rockefeller did act unethically by the standards of his day. This is clearly shown where he ordered his marketing agents to destroy independent suppliers, so that he can control over it. Aside from this aspect, it's understood to me that Rockefeller bribed his competitors' employees to pass the confidential information to his company so that he know what type of strategies he should apply to defend his competitor. Rockefeller was using unethical methods to dominate the oil industry and make Standard Oil become the biggest oil company in the U.S.

When a person is become rich he or she wishes to be richer, this same goes to Rockefeller. Rockefeller could be a devout Christian but at the same time he could be a monopolist. When it comes to business Rockefeller can be a very realistic and cruel businessman. When the manager leaked information to the press, he immediately ordered his secretary to inform the manager he does not need the services of the manager after the close of the month. By the way Rockefeller thinks that he was doing the right thing. Besides that he was alert all the time to make sure that there is no competitor can dominate his oil industry. In additional from the point stated that he read bible daily has shown he is a devout Christian.

One thing he did not realize was that exercising the unethical tactic to achieve his goal, was a big mistake that lead to the decreasing of moral values for him. I believe there are some good grounds for the argument of contradiction between his personal and business ethics. Rockefeller considered himself achieved his goal by using unethical



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