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Roger Williams and William Penn in the Colonial America

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Essay Preview: Roger Williams and William Penn in the Colonial America

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In colonial America there where many colonists who left a huge impact and legacy, in which help influence America today. Colonist from the north, central, and south all left impacts on America today but three colonists stand out. Roger Williams of the north, William Penn of the central, and John Smith of the south left huge impacts on colonial America and America today.

Roger Williams was born on December 21, 1603, in London, United Kingdom. He lived in Europe for about 20 years and then decided to move to the "New World" in the year 1631. He originally moved to what is now called Massachusetts but was banished because of his certain religious views. His religious views are what made him most know for. His views where different in which believed that anyone in society can believe in a different religion and still get along with anyone of an opposing religion in the same community. Since these were his beliefs, he moved from Massachusetts and moved to what is now call Rhode Island. Roger founded the colony of Rhode Island and practiced his views of how a society should run. In his colony, he had a separation between the church and the state. This was huge because it was the beginning of what is now present-day America. If it wasn't for Roger, it could have been possible for America to not be the way it is with separation of church and state. If Roger gave up on his views and stuck with most people wanted, America would have been a completely different place today.

William Penn was also another great influence on America and changed the country forever. William was born on October 14, 1644, in London United Kingdom. He went to the United States in the year 1682. Similar to Roger Williams, Williams main goal was freedom of religion. This is one of his many main priorities and the other being a fair trial by jury, freedom of unjust imprisonment, free election, and separation of powers. This is practically the outline of the American constitution. Expressing his views help others realize the point of views and realize it's a better way of living and should follow it themselves. William also believed in treating everyone equal and giving all people a chance. Unlike most other colonists, William gave the native Americans a fair amount of money and supplies for their original land. He wouldn't simply steal the land or completely rip the Native Americans off. He even gave the Native Americans a fair trial. This stands a great point throughout the country and starts to get others to see and discover what William is doing. In America today, most of his views are in the American constitution and are practiced by Americans today. Overall William set a great example of how to run a society and his traditions have an influence on America today.

Besides stressing for better society such as certain freedoms and religion, a different colonist John Smith left his mark on the world



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