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William Wordsworth

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Essay Preview: William Wordsworth

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By: William Wordsworth

The speaker is someone who knows Lucy. The kind of person that they are is someone who admires Lucy because this person compliments Lucy a lot and shows great interest in her. The speaker is speaking to the audience. The kind of person that the audience is someone who may have known Lucy because in the poem it says "she lived unknown" which means that she was known by many people. The occasion is the funeral of Lucy because it says "but she in her grave..." which tells she has died. The central purpose of the poem is to show how much Lucy was cared for and that the speaker truly cared for her. The main examples of imagery that I found took place in the middle stanza. One example is about the violet covered by a mosy tone and is half hidden from the eye which made me think that the violet was half hidden from the eye because the mosy covered half of it. The other example is when the speaker talked about the star shining in the sky by itself painted a picture in my mind about how there was only one star in the sky but it was so bright it lit up the entire sky. Also there wasn't an imagery pattern in the poem. A possible tone to describe this poem is grief, and this is achieved by certain words like untrodden and grave. In this poem there isn't an example of irony. An evaluation of this poem is that it's really good but the rhyme scheme is every other line and the lines that end in tone and one don't really rhyme which messes up the scheme.



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