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Rogerian Argument

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A letter to Marcus

Tom lucas ( High School Teacher)

Dear Marcus,

It was early in the morning, sounds of Britain's National Anthem were echoed in every corner of Parker High School, and students aligned themselves into a straight line and walk themselves past the corridors into their respective classroom. I had been appointed as one of the duty teacher for a whole month now, and every morning my responsibility was to make sure that the students conduct the morning assemblies as gracefully as possible. Every morning of the entire month, I was set in astonishment with how the students walk in the hallways in an orderly fashion, dressed professionally in uniforms consisting blazers with the school's crest and skirts for girls and trousers for boys

I am now done with my month of regulating students code of conduct, the impact of the 4weeks of my duty was one reason I decided to write to you. Though it's been years since I last wrote to you, I'm certain that you're enjoying your new job as a Principal in School of Texas, USA. Often in the past we debated over wearing of school uniforms in the public schools of USA, but we (I personally) never felt to reach a convincing conclusion. After vividly noticing how effectively school uniforms shape the life a student and their teachers here in UK, I am once again proposing that the practice of wearing school uniforms should be accepted in the public schools of USA. I understand, like many other Americans you've individualistic ideology, and with regards to school uniforms you oppose the idea of setting a single dress code for the high school students. However, we both at the end of the day want to have visualize an increase in the disciplinary and academic nature of the students.

Statistically in USA, most of the students who attend these public schools are middle classed. Together with the recession and prices of gas going sky rocket, the expense of purchasing a variety of designer clothes for the entire school year is over hundreds of dollars for each child in family. Moreover, if the family consists of two or more children the amount rises even higher. Having a unit set of school uniform for the entire school year benefits the parents and children. For the parents the cost of purchasing 4 to 5 pairs of similar sets of clothes is much lower than the sum of designer clothes costs they spend. Additionally, with school uniforms the parents and some children are relieved with the hassle of selecting what particular garment to wear for the day; not forgetting the fact that everybody is running against time either to catch the school bus or to arrive at work.

No matter how our views conflict regarding this issue, but for a fact we accept that high school students face a bag



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