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The Moral Argument

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The moral argument proves the existence of God thought the existence of morals. It says that "there couldn't be such a thing as morality without God". Morality is what is what is right and wrong, and they are commands of what you should do. Without morality everything would be allowed and sense some things are not allowed (things that are wrong) then that shows that morality is real. On that morality is real, and morality are commands, then there had to be someone to order the command, commands cannot exist without someone else existing that commanded them. Okay you say early man came up with a set of rules that we now know as morals. Well for man to do such a thing they would all have to agree on it. Well man can not completely agree on anything. One man would want stealing to be right because he wants to steal, or kill because he is mad. Also morality is over all mankind. Morality has more authority then any man or government, something outside of man had to command morality. Something completely wise as be able to know what is right and wrong. But still we are left with who commanded morality? Well if we look at the properties someone who could command morality. He would have to be completely right, have complete authority over all, and completely wise. There is no man who can do this because no man is greater than anyone else, we are all just people. It only leaves someone outside of mankind, an all powerful creator, who knows everything, and who has power over everything. Therefore sense morality is real and is over all mankind, there had to be a God to command morality.

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