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Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Romeo and Juliet Essay

Romeo and Juliet had to die in the year 1598 as an example that Shakespeare used as a corruption to society. Romeo's and Juliet's death resulted in many things and many views were taken from this such as social, political, historical, and economical. Romeo and Juliet were from "two households both alike in dignity. But from ancient grudge came new mutiny." Meaning the Capulets and Montague's were foes for generations to come. If Romeo and Juliet did not die then this madness would still be going on today.

As we all know or should know by now, Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed lovers. This could mean many things but what it meant to me was lovers that couldn't be together because of political and economical reasons. They were destined to be together because of fate yet in the eye of the human man. Politically Juliet couldn't be with Romeo because the family feud between the two families would come to an end. This would be because the girl who is Juliet in this scenario would just be a wife. Now economically when a woman marry's a man, the man basically gets everything. The entire royal honor, her prized possessions, and her family riches. Considering those factors the Montague's would be the all powerful if this was accepted so it wasn't. Tybalt who was Juliet's cousin didn't want this to happen along with others s. So Juliet was to marry someone else who was already apart of the noble family. The historical issues that the couple faced was the hatred between the families; jocking for the advantage. -They had to do any and everything to keep and bestow there power. As Romeo and Juliet saw these actions and events take place they decided to take their life so they could truly be together in peace. But back then if you were to take your life rather than be killed you would go straight to hell. These lovers did what they thought would be best for them and family.

What if Romeo and Juliet weren't star-crossed lovers? What if they didn't die? What if Shakespeare didn't write about Romeo and Juliet's life? If they weren't star-crossed lovers they didn't have to die. If they didn't die the kingdom would have killed Romeo for a prior act he committed and Juliet would've married someone else. If Shakespeare didn't write about these issues then it wouldn't have opened up the door between witchcraft vs. Catholics. The world wouldn't know about Romeo and Juliet. In my opinion Romeo and Juliet had to die to show the world how cruel nobility can be. What if the parent's anger towards each other had cooled down allowing the couple to be together? Romeo and Juliet would be together right now and both families would be most powerful. Shakespeare expresses many things but mostly that LOVE IS HATE!



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