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English Essay Romeo and Juliet

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Essay Preview: English Essay Romeo and Juliet

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In Act three Scene two languages is used by Shakespeare in a variety of ways to depict the nature of the characters Juliet and the Nurse as well as the emotional relationship between them. He also uses the language to illustrate some important themes, namely "Look before you leap "and romantic love is stronger than familial love.

In this scene, Shakespeare depicts Juliet as a loving, loyal, yet confused girl. Juliet has just married Romeo three hours ago and she is anxious to see him come to her room. She hears that Romeo has killed Tybalt her cousin, whom she loved. However, she also loves Romeo. She is in a situation where she doesn't know who to choose. She is in a dilemma. In this quote she starts of defending Romeo, as the Nurse asks her '' Will you speak well of him that killed your cousin?'' 3:2:100 she replies in a sentence where Shakespeare's shows the readers that she doesn't know what to do. ''Shall I speak ill of him that is my husband'' 3:2:101. Juliet realizes that if Tybalt hadn't been killed, then Tybalt would have killed Romeo. She then remembers that Romeo has been banished from Verona. She could deal with the fact that her cousin Tybalt was dead but not the thought that she wouldn't be able to see Romeo anymore. ''Wash they his wounds with the tears: mine shall be spent, when theirs are dry, on Romeo's banishment'' 3:2:134 You can see that Juliet is really sad about Romeo's banishment. She could not believe that Romeo had been banished. Seeing her despair the Nurse promises her that she would find Romeo so that Juliet can say goodbye to her Husband. This is rather a tragic sad moment for her and Romeo self. However this is twice as heavy for Juliet because of her cousin and because she is breaking up with her Husband. This explains us that the theme of this part of the play will be ''Romantic love is stronger than familial love''.

Shakespeare also talks about the life of Juliet and what she would do if Romeo was with her. Juliet loves Romeo and she would know if she married Romeo she would also have a sexual life with him. ''And bring in cloudy night immediately spread thy close curtain, love performing night'' 3:2:4. It shows that there is love in the room when Romeo sneaks into her room. She says that she closes the curtains during the night because loves is happening between Romeo and Juliet. However, the one that lets people fall in love is cupid. Cupid is blind and shoots his arrows everywhere. In one of the quotation Juliet describes when Cupid shoots his arrows at night it would not be as easy to let people fall in love because it's dark and unclear view. ''Lovers can see to do their amorous rites. By their own beauties; or if love be blind it best agrees with the night''3:2:8. It's is far harder to let people fall in love during the night that during the day. Shakespeare uses the language to describe that Juliet is also like other girls she would like to have fun too when she is married.

Even if Juliet has a lot of speech to say in the act she does say some figurative language. Shakespeare uses some imagination to describe what the message Juliet is trying to convey. '' Take him and cut him out in little stars'' 3:2:22this is an example of figurative language. She compares Romeo's body as little stars and says to cut him in little stars because stars are beautiful shine, and she thinks the same thing about Romeo that he would light up



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