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Roof Case

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Roof is the covering on the topmost part of a building. Primarily, its purpose is to protect the building and its contents from the effects of different types of weather. Hence, roof is an essential material in the construction of any establishment.

Many local construction stores offer variety of roofing materials but none of them offer roofing sheets made from recycled tetra pack cartons. Tetra pack roof sheet is a composition of polyethylene & aluminum materials. The sheets offer a host of structural and technical benefits over other similar products. Tetra pack cartons abound and can affect our environment if uncontrolled and if not disposed properly, thus, instead of allowing generation of these as waste, the utilization of the tetra pack cartons as an alternative material in making a roof sheet will be grate help. Roof sheet from tetra pack cartons has been subjected to compression test which indicate that it has higher quality and are stronger compared to normal roof. This was proven by an Indian manufacturing company.

This section deals with the market analysis of the new roof creation. It encompasses several parts such as the product description, market definition and determinants, industry, and competitor analysis; and market strategies to promote the introduced product.

In this study, the proponents will show the advantages of the product, the quality of the process and the end product, and the competence of the product in the market.

A. Objectives

The group focused in determining the market potentiality of the introduced product.

a) General

* To be able to verify the marketability of the new product, Tetra Roof

b) Specific

* To forecast the potential demand and supply of Tetra Roof.

* To be able to generate marketing strategies for the introduction of Tetra Roof.

* To identify the competitors of Tetra Roof.

B. Scope and Limitation

The scope of the study focuses on the market strategies in penetrating the market of tetra roof, market segmentation and to determine the marketability of the product.

The proponents limited its study to market the product only in the different construction corporations under the National Housing Authority in National Capital Region considering that it has a continuous demand most especially in period of relocation due to natural disasters and development of a specific area. Technicalities, management, social profitability and financial aspects are not included in this section.

In line with this, the group will also discuss things such as:

1. Market Segmentation

2. Market Share Determination

3. Supply and Demand Analysis

4. Marketing strategy in penetrating the market tetra pack roof.

C. Methodology

* Research. These were done from several materials such as the internet and books to obtain relevant information in the study.

* Interview. These were done with different personnel of the National Housing Authority and the Department of Science and Technology to confirm if the objectives of this study are possible to achieve.

* Survey. These were done to determine the marketability of the introduced product.

D. Assumptions

The proponents will be making the following assumptions:

* There is a high supply for raw material considering that most of the beverages are sealed in tetra pack cartons.

* There will be a high demand for this product because it is an innovated product of a usual roof.

* There will be a need of 10 roofs to construct one house.

* There will be a need of 10 kilos of used tetra pack cartons to produce one roof.


Roof sheet made from tetra pack cartons is a composition of hardener and premix. The sheets offer a host of structural and technical benefits over other similar products. The product features are as follows:

* The roof sheets are ECO-friendly & made out of 100% recycled waste of tetra pack material.

* The sheets are unbreakable making it useful for a long period of time.

* Corrugated roof sheet have been proven to fire retardant under laboratory tests.

* Being a composition of polyethylene and aluminum these sheets are totally anti fungus under extreme weather condition. This property makes it look as good as new and saves cost on painting.

* The semi reflective surface of the sheets makes it more luminous and saves substantially. On power bills as fewer lighting fixtures are needed.

* Roof sheets are best suited for temporary and permanent structures during summer because of its reflective property. Tests have shown that the room is cooler about 25% compared to conventional roofing systems. It reduces heat by 4 oc.

* The roof sheets because of its high flexion resistance adjust to the changes in weather condition and are therefore Crack Free.

* Conventional fibrocement sheets absorb water during monsoon and the weight increases by almost 30%, where as Tetra Roof sheets has zero water absorption so maintains the same weight.

* Due to lightness of the product and zero water absorption property the product proves to be economical in long run as Investments in structural fabrications gets reduced by almost 50%.

* The size of Corrugated Tetra Roof is 8' X 3' -- 5mm thick

A. Product Background and Rationale

The proponents selected to enter the roof industry for the following reasons:

* Tetra roof offers new innovation in the construction industry.

* Tetra roof is more durable and cheaper.

* Tetra roof is light in weight and is much easier to handle than



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