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Ruby Collins Case

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The RCMP narcotics squad were observing the accused Ruby Collins, her husband Richard Collins, and two others at a local pub as part of an investigation towards a drug trafficking problem in Gibsons, British Columbia. Upon leaving the club, Richard and one other man were followed to a trailer park near the pub and then arrested for being in possession of narcotics. A search was immediately conducted of Collin's car where a quantity of heroin and drug related equipment were found.

The officers then returned to the pub to find Ruby Collins at a different table with another woman and proceeded by grabbing Ruby Collins by the throat to prevent her from swallowing evidence. When Collins and the officer hit the floor, the officer noticed something in the accused's hand, asking her to drop it. A balloon filled with heroin was found in the accused's hand. Ruby was then arrested for the possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.

At trial, the judge ruled that the policer officer who seized Ruby Collins did not have reasonable grounds to conduct the search since the officers admitted to only have suspicions of the accused carrying heroin. However, the judge also ruled that the drugs Ruby held in her hand could be admitted as evidence because it would not bring the administration of justice into disrepute.



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