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Sad Enrolment System

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Essay Preview: Sad Enrolment System

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Philippine Women’s College of the Davao

University Avenue,Juna Subdivision,Matina Davao City

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“Enrollment System for Central Baptist Educational Ministry”

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement in

System Analysis Design

Nucum, Gerette Louie P.

Langote, Anthony James



Project Context

        This study aims to come up with an enrolment system. Enrollment system is one of the most important not only in universities but also in lower level of education. It is accurate and efficient records to ensure a good standard of the institution on possible enrollees encourage them to be enrolled in the institution. The purpose of an enrollment process is to provides staffs and faulty to write down data that are required for enrollment. As the enrollees increases in every year, the enroll procedures become harder and harder to deal. The amount of information that needs to be listed also increases. This can only serves to be slower process and confusion among staffs and faculty. It can also get unexpected problems such as loss of information may occur.

        A manual process of enrollment system takes more time and effort and causes delays of transaction. The unsystematic procedures of school during enrollment is now dreaded by them. Instead of the student enrollees have to wait of finishing it, sometimes students are made to come back next day so they can be officially enrolled. The process would be also burden for those enrollees who would lineup for hours just to get enrolled. This problem will be eliminated in this proposed system.




     Central Baptist Educational Ministry (CBEM) was built on June 2011 at Kalubihan drive, Kabakan, Matina Davao City. It was owned by Ebenezer F. Loquias. This school is a Christian school intended only for pre-school to Grade 8.  


       Central Baptist Educational Ministry (CBEM) will the premier Christian School of choice, providing authentic education for the total development of the child, aiming for excellent in its every endeavor for God’s glory.


       Central Baptist Educational Ministry (CBEM) ,in the partnership with the home and church, commits to empower students to discover and develop their individuals talents and skills by being actively engaged in the learning process.

Goals and Objectives

  • To offer a quality educational program that is both Christ-centered and the educational sound.
  • To provide learning experience which develop the student’s maximum spiritual, Intellectual, social, physical, and emotional potential.
  • To instill in students the love for God and fellow man.
  • To develop within each child a healthy, respectable self-image.

Organizational Chart

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Business Environment

        This school in not that a big like others. They only have 6 classrooms for 80 students and 9 teachers. They prefer to use Pace as their curriculum.

Purpose and Description

        This enrollment System for “Central Baptist Educational Ministry” enables the faculty and the staff of the school. This project helps to limit their time and effort in procedures of school during enrollment. They can easily access any student’s information at any time. Because manually system of enrollment caused a lot of inaccuracy and efficiency in processing the record and data of students and also enrollment dates are determined based upon the number of credit hours earned, with priority given to students .This system can process of entering and verify the data of students to register on school. And through this system, can be sure that all the information will be kept in a database for handling records so that the process can minimize some problems like loss of records. And also this system build a module for the payment transaction of the students. This kind of module can replace his school traditional computation using software MS Excel.

Objectives of the study

General Objective:

The main objective of the study is to develop a Computer based system registration system of Central Baptist Educational Ministry.

Specific Objective:

  • To create an online registration for enrollees of Baptist Education Ministry.
  • To develop an accurate and easier way of registration for the students of Baptist Education Ministry.
  • To Generate reports needed for enrollment
  • To provide a user friendly Enrollment System in managing enrollment of old students, new student and transferees.

Scope and Limitations


This study aims to develop an enrollment system for the staff of Central Baptist Educational Ministry, the data base limits on the following fields and function.

  • It limits to store the data of the students.
  • It limits for the students fees.
  • Only authorized will be allowed to use the system.


The system does not cover computation of student’s grades and class scheduling. It can only operate for elementary and high school purpose. It cannot show the schedule of time of the subjects per grade level of a student.



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