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Computerized Enrolment System

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This study attempted to identify the quality of information system in Tabuco Central School.

Based on the observations that the team conducted during the interview, we found out that on the manual system that the school is presently using, information and records were not kept accordingly that causes lost of important papers and documents. The student's Form-137 was kept by the present teacher of the student as well as birth certificate or baptismal certificate, which has no assurance of safety keeping.

Another problem identified is when the entries of names in the student's lists are not updated, where some are complaining when records are incorrect if someone needs the documents. One respondent said that lists of classes were not produced immediately upon the start of the school year, that's why it takes 2 to 3 days to know what the student's section.


The research is adapted to a descriptive method.

A questionnaire consisting of two parts was used as the main tool for data gathering. Pre-testing of the questionnaire was done to elicit their comments and suggestions for the finalization of the instrument.

Part 1 consisted of the respondent's profile, while Part 2 consisted of data and survey of the present system that the school is using. A scale of 1-5 was used to rate the present system corresponding to 5 levels; Outstanding, Very Satisfactory, Satisfactory, Fair, Not Satisfied.

An actual interview from the parents and some faculty members was also conducted to know the advantage and disadvantages of the present system as compared to the proposed system.


Student information system has enhanced the quality of information generated in terms of precision or accuracy of data. Important things must be specified and considered for the proper usage of the system.

This is designed to create a user-friendly program. The system must be kept in place that is well ventilated to avoid any risk of damage to the system. It must also be password protected to avoid from viruses and computer crime such as information theft. The system includes a manual that can be used by the authorized personnel to operate the program correctly. It must have a pleasing design and should be right coded for the benefit of the user. Audiences involved in the system must be secured and restricted. Proper maintenance and regular check up of the system must be done to avoid any failures of it.


Because of the rapid growth of the student's population in Tabuco Central School, there are lots of problems encountered by both parents and the school administration. By using the manual enrollment system, problems such as time consuming production of information, unable to make corrections in student's record, and tracking of student's profile were not done fast and effective.

Here are some alternative solutions that can be proposed to the school to avoid these kinds of problems:

* Provide a computerized enrollment system that has the ability to track records, make corrections and that can generate data fast and effective.

* Provide a system that can secure all the information and record of the students.

* Provide a software that will lessen the workloads of the teachers and the administration.

* To have a system that can give the students a successful enrollment system.


Because of the problems encountered by Tabuco Central School, we recommend to the administration to have another Enrollment system that is useful in many ways, and that is the computerized enrollment system.

An enrollment system that has the ability to store students information, that can easily be retrieved and printed when needed. This enrollment system also can be able to make corrections of entry easily and fast. Through this, we can be sure that all the information will be kept in a single database so that we can minimize some problems like lost of records.

It is recommended to the Tabuco Central School that the detailed specification and implementation of the system would ensue as long as the administration approved the computerized enrollment system.

kU 4 o �� P�� s:

* Provide a computerized enrollment system that has the ability to track records, make corrections and that can generate data fast and effective.

* Provide a system that can secure all the information and record of the students.

* Provide



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