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Same Sex Marriage

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For many years, homosexual acceptance has been strived for but very rarely achieved. There will always be debate, disbelief, ignorance, and inequality. In many states, homosexual unions are not even recognized let alone accepted. Inequality among homosexuals will be something that hopefully one day the world will not have to deal with, but realistically the world will always have to deal with. Among the vast array of obstacles that homosexual couples face, adoption is a major hurdle that not many homosexual couples can get over. There are many various situations that homosexual couples can encounter, but a significant one, is whether or not the biological child of one partner, may be allowed to be adopted by the second partner. Biologically, one partner is the mother/father and that can not be taken away from them, however when the partner is along side the biological parent, raising the child, being a part of the child's life, being considered a parent as well, it is in societies best interest to allow this other parent to adopt the child.

Ideally, every child should have two parents. There is however a difference in being considered a parent, and legally being a parent. One can be a parent to a child for the child's whole life, however if something were to happen and the child were to land in the hospital, if that parent is not biological or the parent hasn't adopted the child, that parent has no say in the medical decisions for this child. This parent is not considered a parent at all. To many, that seems immoral. In a society that stresses the importance of families, it would be in societies best interest to allow this adoption situation to occur. It would account for a lot less broken family lives and homes. The ager, upset, and confusion tied to being a homosexual parent to a child and ultimately being told they are not creates conflict within the family. In the case of many, the reasons for their unacceptance of homosexual adoption isn't based on research and consideration, it is based on ignorance, and not having a personal opinion because they are just agreeing with the masses. A very common basis of disapproval of homosexual adoption is the "questionable" stability that homosexual couples have in their relationships. The competency of a couple, in terms of parenting, in no way should be based on their sexual orientation, but on their abilities to provide a loving, caring, safe, and positive environment for a child to grow and thrive in as well as feel comfortable and loved as every child should feel.

Now days, it is incredibly difficult to enter into a homosexual union. Homosexual marriage is a hot topic of debate and its controversial nature has become increasingly prominent in the lives of homosexual couples. As of today, only five of the fifty states, one federal district, and one Indian tribe grants same sex marriage. On September 21, 1996, the United States passed a federal law, as Public Law No. 104-199, 110 Stat. 2419 under the name of Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA. This law stated that the federal government defines marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman. This law of course, increased the difficulty of homosexual unions to occur. How can a homosexual couple get married with such a law implemented? With the numerous difficulties and obstacles that come with entering into a homosexual union, one would think that the couple is committed and determined. In 2004, a survey conducted by the US Census Bureau, called the Survey of Income and Program Participation Report or SIPP Report, it can be surmised that 20.7% of men from the age of 15 and up and 22.9% of women from the age of 15 and up have ever been divorced. (SIPP Report) In 2004 as well, was the first recorded, legal, gay divorce. With the practice of marriage being around for such a long time, the first ever, homosexual divorce was a mere 6 years ago. Homosexual couples willing to enter into a union have underwent such hurdles that their determination persevered



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