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Same Sex Marriage

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Essay Preview: Same Sex Marriage

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Do you think high school teachers are going to put up with elementary behavior? Do you think you can get by without doing your homework? High school teachers are going to expect a much higher level of maturity and responsibility than teachers at the lower levels. You're going to be expected to manage your time so you can get to class on time and complete all of your homework assignments. I expect high school to be exciting and play an important part in my life. In this chapter I will be talking about what I expect high school to be like, what I'm looking forward to, and where do I expect to be in ten years.

People have different expectations for high school. I expect high school to have a lot of drama. Spreading rumors about others and gossiping about friends can have a good or a bad effect of on you. But you can still have some good quality times. I am not expecting it to be uninteresting. I am expecting it to be chandelling. High school is preparing you for college and for the real world. I expect to meet new friends and learn new things.

What I'm looking forward the most is graduating high school and going on to college. I am planning on playing high school sport such as: basketball, volleyball, and soccer. And I can't wait to play. One of my goals that I have been looking forward to is becoming a fashion designer. I want to be more independent, and do things on my own. Most of all, I just want to reach my goals. I want those dreams to become real and make something out of myself.

Where do I expect to be in ten years? Well in ten years I will be 25 years old. By then I plan to complete fashion design college and on my way to New York. I would like to live there for more than two years and then maybe move to Florida. I will have a well paying job as a fashion designer and have a house of my own.

I hope high school will be as exciting as people say, not only for the students but as well for the teachers. I am thankful for the teachers guiding, and preparing us for what lies ahead to the future. My journey through the high school years will be goal orientated and I will try the best of my ability to reach those goals set for myself.

Table of Contents.

Chapter 1 - "Who am I."

Chapter 2 - "Before I was, there were."

Chapter 3 - "Suddenly I Became Me."

Chapter 4 - "School



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