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Sample Persuasive Message

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Sample Persuasive Message


In today's vast world of virtual communication it is important to understand the audience in which the communication aimed for. Having the proper ability to communicate with other businesses and consumers has become more widespread with the technology advances we have today. Larger companies have more resources available to them than the smaller companies in regards to the levels of communication that is practiced throughout. There are many forms of communication mediums that we use today; some of these mediums include e-mail, texting, and chatting.


The importance of being able to communicate in an effective manner and the ability to persuade a company or person to understand the benefits that can come from to services that another person or company can offer is just the way we live our lives today. Most of us are taken in on how well a product or service a company can offer. Marketing is normally the way that companies can draw in the consumers. In order for the marketing side of the medium communication to be effective the company must be able to persuade consumers and other companies to even consider the product or service the company or consumer offers. The three main points to be discussed are business-to-business, consumer-to-business, and consumer-to-consumer, different situations call for different uses of these various communication tools.

Behavior#1-- Business-to-Business (B2B)

Business-to-business communication is a way for one business to employ the services of another business. For example, DiTech Group needs to place an order for pieces of flat wood that the company can burn the layout of dies on. This transaction can either take place via phone, fax, or e-mail. The most common way for DiTech to initiate the transaction would most likely be through e-mail. This is because the company that DiTech Group receives its wood from is in Russia. So in this case there would be an e-mail sent to the vendor company.

Behavior #2 - Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

Consumer-to-Business is a transaction that will take place between a person who does not work for a particular company and is requesting services be provided by a company that offers the demands of this consumer. The demands of the consumer are not limited just to one product or service; it can include a combination of products and services. The consumer-to-business or the business-to-consumer describes a transaction, product or service, or business strategy as a targeted to the consumer market rather than the business market (Business to Consumer, 2004-2011). The purchase of airfare tickets is another example of business-to-consumer communication mediums that can assist with understanding just how the process continues to prosper.

Behavior #3 - Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

An example of the consumer-to-consumer transactions would be transactions that involve one person selling to another person online. Ebay is a good outline of the transactions that can and do take place when one consumer sells an item to another consumer.

Communication Medium in Which Each Behavior Occurs

The communication medium in which a business-to-business transaction may take place was explained in the example of how DiTech group is able to obtain the wood flats for the dies that the company produces. In-order-to make the dies that DiTech Groups' customers are seeking DiTech Group must be able to obtain quality wood flats to burn the dies into. The orders are placed normally via e-mail or phone calls made.

The communication medium in which business-to-consumer transactions may take place would be online purchasing. We will use Sears as an example of the business-to-consumer transactions. When a consumer is seeking a product that Sears offers most of the time the consumer looks online to see if the product is even offered. Once the product has been located then it is the decision of the consumer as to whether or not he or she is going to proceed with the purchase of the product using the web or simply going into the store.

The communication medium in which consumer-to-consumer may take place would be Ebay. This is where one consumer has the option to purchase an item from another consumer. This seems to be a transaction that has become more popular today. Ebay has grown since it started a few years back. The buyer (consumer) can either make a bid on an item or buy it now. This will depend on how the seller (consumer) decides to place the items on the web-site. The seller sets a price, and it is the choice of the buyer as to how much he or she is wants or is willing to pay for the product.

Enabling E-Commerce

The definition of e-commerce is the ability to turn a website into an online store that has features such as shopping carts and the ability to process credit card information to complete



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