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Sample Systems Requirements: Shc Portal

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Essay Preview: Sample Systems Requirements: Shc Portal

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(Note that this is meant to provide an example and therefore it is not a comprehensive list of requirements)

System Functions and Purpose

The SHC Portal is a web-based enterprise system that is aimed at streamlining most business processes at the Sharjah Colleges. The portal is expected to help create a more efficient environment. The following is a list of functions for the portal:

1. Store, organize and manage students, employees, and courses data and information

2. Allow students to access their schedules, courses, attendance and grades

3. Allow teachers to manage their courses in terms of attendance and grades

4. Allow academic services to manage enrolment and scheduling

5. Allow management to view relevant reports

6. Provide guests with general information about the SHC and HCT

System Requirements


The portal must:

1. Provide students with a list of their courses

2. Provide students with their course schedule

3. Provide teachers with a list of their courses

4. Provide teachers with their schedule

5. Provide supervisors with a list of failing students

6. Email students 5% and 10% warning notices

7. Provide guests with general information about SHC and HCT


1. All users must login with their HCT ID and password before they can access the non-public sections of the portal

2. Teachers must enter attendance in class or within the same working day

3. Teachers must enter assessment grades within the allocated deadline


1. The grade book module of the portal must calculate the GPA at the end of each semester

2. The grade book module must calculate the student grade and assessment analysis instantly after grades are entered

3. The attendance module of the portal must calculate attendance percentage instantly after attendance is entered for each course

4. Students should not have access to other students information. They may only see their classmates names and email addresses

5. The



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