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Saudi Airlines Case

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I had flight on 19th December 2010. Due to heavy snowfall flights were cancelled and we were told to go back home by the Saudi airlines staff as there were no operations. Then I was given sat on 20th December (SV 110). But as I arrived at the airport I came to know through a notification at the Saudi airlines desk that there shall be no operations on 20th December 2010.

There was no staff at the desk. Due to crowd and chaos a staff member came out and asked us again to go back home or spend night at Heathrow at our own responsibility. Therefore I left the desk and spent the night at 1st floor of Heathrow. I then called the Saudi airlines (0871-2004433) and they gave me seat for 22nd for December (SV3104) scheduled to depart at 1500. Queue for this flight was formed 6 hours earlier . Upon arrival to the desk the staff told me my name is not in the list and therefore put me on the next flight SV116 departing at 20:45 and I was asked to leave. I joined the queue at 16:45. This time they told me my seat is not confirm and not among the passengers which were supposed to depart. This time they did nothing. I requested they lady at the desk to help me but she said she can't do anything. They kept sending me to each other.

At last I requested a lady issuing boarding pass to put me on the stand by list if possible which she did. I then had to wait in the stand by queue. Fortunately I got a seat. But I was then told that a person has already checked in with my e-ticket number. This took another half hour. Therefore a comment was entered in my boarding pass. I was put to wait as my the boarding pass ha problem when the lady at the boarding pass scanning scanned it. She then asked me to sit in the plane but told me the issue is not resolved yet. Later on she came to inform me in the plane that issue has been solved



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