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Scarlet Letter Essay

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How has Hester's sin affected the main characters in the novel "The Scarlet Letter"? Pearl considers the scarlet letter as a part of her mother. Arthur Dimmesdale is reminded of his sin, whenever he sees the scarlet letter. Chillingworth the scarlet letter is an opportunity to seek revenge. In the novel "The Scarlet Letter", Hester's sin affects the lives of Pearl, Arthur Dimmesdale, and Roger Chillingworth.

Hester's sin affects Pearl, because Pearl sees the scarlet letter as a part of Hester. Her whole life, Pearl has never seen her mother Hester without the scarlet letter on. When Pearl sees Hester, in the forest with Dimmesdale, without the scarlet letter on, she gets upset and demands that Hester puts it back on. The text states "The child turned her eyes to the point indicated, and there lay the scarlet letter ... "Bring it hither!" said Hester. "Come then and take it up!" answered Pearl."(Pages 189 through 190)

Hester's sin affects Arthur Dimmesdale, because he sees the scarlet letter as a reminder of how he didn't stand with Hester on the scaffold. The Scarlet letter also reminds Dimmesdale of his own sin. Dimmesdale pleaded with Hester to tell the crowd that he was the father or pearl. Hester refused in good hope that Dimmesdale would admit that he was the father on his own. The text states "If thou feelest it to be for thy soul's peace, and that thy earthly will thereby be made more effectual to salvation, I change thee to speak out the name of thy fellow sinner and fellow sufferer! Be not silent from any mistaken pity and tenderness for him."(page 63)

Hester's sin affects Roger Chillingworth, because he sees the scarlet letter as a chance to get revenge. Roger Chillingworth chooses to seek revenge against the Hester's lover. The text states "He bears no letter of infamy wrought into his garment, as thou dost; but i shall read it on his heart. Yet fear not for him! Think not that I shall interfere with Heaven's own method of retribution or, to my own loss, betray to the gripe of human law. Neither do thou imagine that i shall contrive aught against his life; no, nor against his fame; if as I judge, he be a man of fair repute. Let him live! Let him hide himself in outward honor, if he may. Not the less he shall be mine!"(page 69) When Chillingworth sees the "A" on Dimmesdale's chest he figures that he is Hester's lover, so Chillingworth tortures him by constantly saying that is it ok to keep secrets, thus making Dimmesdale feel guilty.

Hester's sin affects these all character in impactful ways. Hester's sin affects Pearl, because she see the scarlet letter as a part of mother and does not recognize Hester without it. The scarlet letter is a reminder of Dimmesdale's guilt. To chillingworth the scarlet letter the seek revenge against Hester's lover. In



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