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Science Vocabulary

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Matter: matter is anything that has mass and takes up space.

Atom: an atom is the smallest basic unit of matter.

Element: an element is a substance that contains only a single type of atom.

Compound: a compound is a substance that consists of two or more different types of atoms bonded together.

Mixture: a mixture is a combination of different substances that remain the same individual substances and can be separated by physical means.

States of Matter: states of matter are the different forms in which matter can exist.

Solid: a solid is a substance that has a fixed volume and a fixed shape.

Liquid: a liquid has a fixed volume but does not have a fixed shape.

Gas: a gas has no fixed volume or shape.

Physical Properties: a physical property is something that can be observed without changing the identity of the substance.

Density: density is a measure of the amount of matter present in a given volume of a substance.

Physical Change: is a change in any physical property of a substance, not in the substance itself.

Chemical Properties: describe how substances can form new substances.

Chemical Change: the change of one substance into another substance.

Melting: melting is the process by which a solid becomes a liquid.

Melting Point: the lowest temperature at which a substance begins to melt.

Freezing: freezing is the process by which a liquid becomes a solid.

Freezing Point: the temperature at which a specific liquid becomes a solid.

Evaporation: evaporation is the process by which a liquid becomes a gas

Sublimation: when a solid changes directly to a gas.

Boiling: boiling is another process by which a liquid becomes a gas

Boiling Point: boiling can occur only when the liquid reaches a certain temperature and that is called boiling point.



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