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Self Assessment Library Test

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The self-assessment regarding to ‘Basic Personality’ have stated, based on my psychological preferences, on a five-factor model pointing out that I am moderately an extrovert, a person of harmony, purposefully conscientious, have a high negative emotional stability and a penchant to novelty and innovation.  The ‘Jungian Personality Type’ analysis described me to be reserved but creative and idealistic.  

The two results are in good match. These tests, analyzing that I have a propensity to do things innovatively rather than continue in a conventional way but at the same time, ascertains in what I usually believe about me. I give in to other’s influence which might subdue my perceptions.  Also, I now see that my train of thought would always be purposeful and goal-oriented and a career with immense scope of imagination and newness would be a better fit to my personality. The traits that I am supposed to learn would be to be more sociable and to get a grip on my emotions. I should not let my emotions cloud my judgment, should be more optimistic and stop fretting over things often which I am now trying to learn.  

I believe that all these personality enhancements would make me a better people-person as well as a creative achiever in my work life as well. I always dreamt of being a story-writer when I was a child giving wings to my imagination but at the same time, I have to be financially secure to take care of my family. So, I would see that, any task I take up on should be challenging and innovative to prove myself. I need to improve in my networking skills and emotional stability to work efficiently even under pressure and peer competition. And, some day I will definitely resume my long left habit of writing as an avocation. Thus, I look forward to apply all these new learnings further in life to build a better attitude and be a successful person.




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