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Self-Management Behavioral Contract

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Essay Preview: Self-Management Behavioral Contract

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Even though I am not overweight, still, as any girl I do feel like I have to lose some weight. Because of seeing that some of my clothes are becoming small to me, I start to think that it is a time for a diet. Every time I do set a goal which consist of losing about 15-20 pounds in a month. However, because of not being able to say no to sweets, this goal stays just in my mind. In other words, my ultimate goal is to lose 20 pounds, where my short-term goal is to stop eating sweets and start to exercise on a daily basis without finding any excuses for not doing it. Also, it will be a good thing to encourage yourself for achieving a goad that I do have. For example, I can encourage myself with buying shoes that I do want for a long time if I will achieve my goal. By starting working on my goal, I have to set a time management at first. By having time management, I will have a plan with which I should be stuck. For example, by knowing at what time I should eat, I will be able to not overeat at time when it is not a right one. Also this plan will allow me to understand what exercise I should do on a daily basis and the time which I would be able to spend on that. In other words, time management will help me to be more organized and do not do something that I would regret later. This goal is important to me because I want to become more physical active and do not experience difficulties while running because my body is not used to it. Also, my goal with a diet will help me to have a better body as well as start to eat healthy food instead of junk food.

Target Behaviors

By not being able to be stick to my goal, it will make me start experience stress. By seeing that I am not able to achieve the goal which I did set for myself, I will start to go through stress and might even stop trying to achieve my goal because of seeing that I cannot do it. The only way for stop feeling stress is to stop responding to it, and start setting goals again without thinking that your goal cannot be achieved. It is much better to start over than to go through stress and feel sorry for yourself. In reality I do want to increase my ability to stick with something until achieving what I want and decrease my inability to stop saying no to food which I should avoid. That is why I should a break down my goal step by step. It will allow me to achieve my goal successfully. These steps should include starting with exercising on a daily basis and increase a time little by little. For example, if I will start to spend 30 minutes on exercising, than the next week it should be one hour and so on. The same with a diet; I cannot stop immediately eat what I was eating before, but I should eliminate things such as ice-creams, sweets, soda, or something else little by little. In this way, my body will not experience difficulties and will be able to get used to new life without food which I cannot resist.





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