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Hmg 510 - Strategic Management of Organizational Behavior

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Essay Preview: Hmg 510 - Strategic Management of Organizational Behavior

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Learning Individual Paper HW4


Alejandro J Gonzalez Lovera

 HMGT510 - Strategic Management of Organizational Behavior  

Millennia Atlantic University

Hector Mirabile, PhD.

April 07, 2016

Learning Individual Paper HW4

When people works in a company and want to become a good manager these have to have some characterize that going to define their development. In this book we can learn about all the point that we have to know about be a leader of a corporation or a leader of our company.

Also mentioned the importance about how the personality of the people could influence in the labor environment, in the work place and in the goals that there going to have in the professional career.

Another important point is the emotions, when we are going to manage a department or a company; we have to have emotional intelligence. If the people control their emotions, and know how control the emotions for the other, you are the boss. Not just perceive and understand the emotions for another person, its how we react and what we can do with this.

Is significant to mention that the communication and the teamwork are essential to be successful in business. If we chose the wrong person, with wrong speech, this could affect the total efficiency of the business. Worse still, the wrong messages might be passed on to the wrong people. This could truly ruin the business.

This works when we refer to choose the team, its crucial. The right people in the right workplace make the differences. One person how works happily, like his department and also have the correct position in a company could be four more times productive than other that doesn’t have these conditions.

In conclusion, there are some conditions that we have to know and have to be a good manager, owner, partner or maybe a leader in the company. All of them are important and depends of the situation or type of manager that want to be. And prepare to be successful in the business world


Robbins S. P & Judge, T. A. (2013). Organizational Behavior (15th Ed.). Pearson Education. New Jersey: Prentice Hall. USA



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