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Manager - Interview Paper (organizational Behavior)

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Organizational behavior stresses the engagement of an individual or of a group of people within the organization in accordance with the concepts of industrial and organizational sociology, social psychology and economics. It focuses on understanding and discovering behaviors and actions that individuals perform in an organization and at the same time influence change by measuring the level of intellectual intuition related with experience and science. For an organization to be run efficiently it requires excellence in behavior of a large group of people and high levels of commitment associated with continuation based on motivation. A manager's role is crucial for an organization as he or she serves as the reference of an entire operation. Through careful planning, organization, directing and motivation a manager can successfully achieve the allocated goals of an organization. Bujar Daku, the owner/general manager of La Fontana Restaurants is the perfect example of a great quality leader that can serve as a role model for many managers out there.

General Background and Responsibilities

La Fontana Del Mare, an Italian restaurant was first opened in the summer of 1998 in Strathmere (midway between Sea Isle City and Ocean City) by Chef Bujar Daku, who since then has overseen the opening of the two new restaurants in Philadelphia and Sea Isle respectively. Daku administers all three restaurants as well as trains other managers to take care of business in the same approach that he does. He loves making people happy and does that with a great pleasure by offering them a great hospitality associated with excellent choices of Italian dishes. In his successful career Mr. Daku has had many opportunities to join other restaurant chains, where offerings for Chef's position were just a routinely mail in his mailbox. Seeing his achievements and his desire to continue expanding his own restaurants, he never considered any of the coming opportunities because he believed that his methodology as a restaurateur was effective as well as profitable. A good manager in Daku's philosophy is one who knows how to inspire its employees by leading them towards the company's goals; yet initiate encouragement for common interests. With that said, he believes that everyone is important in its role and everyone has qualities that should be emphasized because of their sacrifice. Daku's goal in all of his restaurants is to build a strong foundation where excellent service is linked with a personal touch.


Managing Employees


Motivating employees so they can perform better, has been always a difficult task for managers at all times. For Daku this phenomenon is ultimately a leading behavior towards wanted outcomes. Daniel Pink in his book "Drive", says that it is really fascinating the things that motivate us. He believes that motivation comes from three elements: Autonomy, the desire to organize yourself, mastery, the desire to improve something that is important for you, and purpose, the desire to do some things so you can expect bigger things. Daku's approach on motivation applies somehow the same rules, where he emphasizes his leadership role in educating his employees and make them believe that money is not the only satisfaction from a job. Self-efficacy is a genuine motivator and he applies that regularly. Nowadays it is known that restaurants are infamously challenging to keep employees motivated. Throughout the year restaurants go through slow times and as a result there are unhappy employees who seek another job. Daku knows his business perfectly and accepts these undeniable facts, where not only his customers are assured to have a great experience, but also make sure that employees are satisfied with their job. When the restaurant is having a difficult time, Daku feels that his employees are having a difficult time as well, therefore frequent use of communication is a must. Also besides intelligent remarks in balancing negative criticism with positive announcements, he tends to give his employees their desired schedule promoting an interpersonal behavior towards them. Also Daku believes that instrumentality works most of the time and encourages his



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