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Self Strengths and Weekness

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Essay Preview: Self Strengths and Weekness

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My main strength is the ability to motivate teams and lead

them to set targets. I am at my best while working under

pressure and faced with challenges. I am able to achieve

optimum results by delegating tasks proactively,

multitasking and planning ahead.

Jan2010 to June 2010

Worked on Accounts.

-Acted as Focal, Accepted challenges & made sure there were no escalations

Ensured that the team is aware of the Process & Procedures of the account

Prepared QMX & Disseminated all the account knowledge to the Team

--Had a knowledge transition on the project

-Effective & Efficient work during the critical issues

Worked on Semi Auto Ticketing, Participated in DPP.

- Maintained Zero Operational defects, proactively worked on the alerts

came across. Took sessions & KT for the team.

Acted as a Shift Lead & Quality Analyst for all the 3 accounts

Received Bravo Award for ensuring 100% quality all over the accounts

Was Part of GDF Advance pooling, worked on work load analysis for the pool.

July 2010 to November 2010

Monitored native Account ticketing systems for new tickets and created work

orders in the SDM Maximo dispatch tool on time so that there were no SLA misses

for past 18weeks

Reviewed the ticket description and segmented the work orders into the various

buckets (e.g., Rhythm and Blues) based on complexity which have greatly helped

the work load management in the pool

Assigned high-severity work orders to Blues for immediate attention which

resulted in no SLA misses and helped resolution of incidents at the right time

Took work orders of a like nature from a bucket and batched them into a block

or work, assigned them to specific SA's and helped the work load distribution

amongst the team members



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