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Server Based Networks

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Server Based Networks

Kimberlyn Jackson

University of Phoenix

Server Based Networks

There are several different server based networks. There will be a few that will be discussed in the paper the first network that will be discussed is SAN's also known as the most trusted source for information security training in the world. The next one is application and communication servers, application servers provide software applications for security, data services and more. Communication servers are computer systems that act as a carrier for a wide range of communications. Web servers provide programs as they are requested. Cloud computing is a system where software programs and applications are accessed and used throughout an internet connection. This paper will provide more in-depth information on each network, some brand names, and examples of each one.

The network SAN's also known as Storage Area Network is a network that contains disks that stores data. This is available through LAN or WAN. This network is used as a pathway where information travels from the end user to the place where the data is stored. This is designed to handle large transfers of data. The SANs network manage 100s of servers, but they all have their own disks. One example is high speed internet, and also various email accounts for example yahoo, and Gmail. Brocade and McData are some examples of Storage Area Network.

Application servers or appserver, handle all operations between users and their databases. It support the high end needs. Appserver has to work with a system to guard the primary system from failure because appserver is primarily used as a backup to the main system. When accessing word processing spread sheet, or desktop publishing programs the application server would be desktop publishing. Some companies use older computers use application services to get to their

Basic functions. This server is called Microsoft NT server. Application servicers have different duties in each company.

Communication server this system is just like it sounds it is used to handle communication based applications. It helps different systems communicate to each other so duties are carried out. The basic requirements of a communication server are that they need to be open to accept communication from all sources within the organization. It needs to be compatible with the industry-standard software and the ability to communicate protocols for multiple types of communication systems (wisegeek2012). The server must be a carrier-grade system. This only means that it posses to features redundant options, and a long term design it needs to run smoothly on its own. The system should be able to connect and process information from many different systems from many ranges. Of course it needs to have communication software. Astra products have several products that include communications servers, gateways, telephone terminals, and advanced software.

Domain Controllers is a server that applies to various windows programs. It is a server that is running a version of the windows server operating system and has active directory domain services installed (2012). When this is installed on a computer it allows for a specific server to be downloaded on that



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