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Service Case

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Over the last several weeks, I had the opportunity to volunteer for my brother's fall ball team. I have found through my experience that I really like to volunteer, so in the near future I will likely volunteer on my own, rather than doing it because I have to.

Doing service projects is a great way to get involved with the community. There are always people and businesses looking for help, and it is usually easy to find a way to help. When I had to do volunteer services for psychology, I was excited because I had never really volunteered for a long period of time. It was very interesting, because it actually made me feel like a better person for helping someone in the community.

I volunteered to help coach my brother's fall ball team. I chose that place, because I love playing baseball , and I thought that it would help me be able to work with children. I enjoyed helping the children every chance that I could. While I was volunteering, I got to see many things I have learned in my psychology class this year that dealt with the development of children's minds. Children learn very quickly, at a young age so I had a great opportunity to see that first hand. It was neat to relate all of the things I learned in class, to the actual kids I was observing.

I thought that 15 hours of volunteering was a perfect amount of time. It gave me enough time to actually get to know the team, but it was not so long, that it took forever. I started my volunteering hours as soon as I could, so that way I knew I would have plenty of time to complete them.

My family has always influenced me to become a better person, and volunteering really fits into that category. As I continue to get older, I now know that helping others really makes you feel better about yourself. People that volunteer in the community have really influenced me, because many times it is people in my family, friends, or acquaintances. These influences have changed because I know that when I volunteer I am only doing good for others, and it also reminds me that I should not be so selfish sometimes. They influence me because I know that when I help others out, it brightens up their day, and they really enjoy getting help from somebody else that cares about them. There have been many influences that help me realize that volunteering can only help others.

Volunteering only betters a person. I know from other experiences that volunteers really make a difference in people's lives. Volunteering is something that everyone should want to do, and the benefits are a great part too. I have learned through my church family different ways to feel "needed" on this earth, and one of those ways is to help others. I have learned about Karma, within the last couple of years, and I truly believe in it. What goes around, comes around. So I think that if you are only putting good deeds out there, then eventually



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