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Sex Selection Ban Means Tragic Choice

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Essay Preview: Sex Selection Ban Means Tragic Choice

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The "sex selection ban means tragic choice" opinion piece is a clear attempt to pressure viewers on the unknown fault of not allowing a certain sex to be chosen as suppose to any sex, by all means targeted as a wrong. January 10, 2011 Sally Morgan published in the Herald Sun an article that inflicts guilt upon readers who are against controlling gender of a child, the writer sincerely believes that people with children ironically want a chance to have the ideal family were-in the choice of having a boy or a girl is tolerated.

The writer emphasises that "To choose the sex of their child for family balancing always makes sense to me" puts readers in an uncomfortable position of feeling that family balancing is morally just, readers are exposed to the manipulation of the writer.

The picture shown for the article is seemed to be a practice of something unnatural putting viewers on edge, the experiment that takes place in the picture gives off an utmost uneasy vibe leaving viewers questioning.

The first paragraph pin pointing to a certain group of readers whom have children, stating that people who have children know of what the intentions are of the couple who are vulnerable to I.F.V, the writer then puts readers in remorse for those who cannot conceive what others can. The writer continues to explain how she feels about having both genders, then continuing to put readers in contrition to the results of not allowing the couple to proceed in the scientific procedure.

The writer then alternates the situation by letting readers know that if I.V.F is not a possibility to the couple then abortion is, thus putting readers in deception towards the unsettled threat. The writer uses the word disposed in a sentence which involves humans, the sentence being agonizing for the readers to partly agree with the couples situation.

"IVF is expensive and not given" the writer pin points, implying with the intentions of guilt that the couple would have been appallingly desperate to have worked hard to achieve the so called balanced family.

The writer then giving no conclusion to the reader by appointing there is nothing anyone can do about the couples demand, leaving readers in concern towards the situation and remorse towards the banning of I.V.F.



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